Saturday, June 02, 2012

Metal Tags Tutorial

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A couple of weeks ago, Linda, for the Friday Focus at Frilly & Funkie, showed you how to create metal embellishments that were fabulous and real show stoppers. I am going to add to that for this Saturday Step By Step, and give you a quick tutorial showing you a few ways to create metal embossed tags.
Cut a piece of Foil Tape Sheet to fit a jumbo sized tag.
Apply the Foil Tape and use a brayer to flatten it for better adhesion. Trim the fol and punch the hole for the tag.
Using a Texture Fade of your choice, emboss the image on the tag. From this point, you have many options. The following snippit samples show you two options.
Sample #1: Apply Acrylic Paint Dabber making sure to get into every crack and crevice, let dry, then sand the top until a shiny finish appears. You can add an embossing medium and UTEE  to the whole image, and then heat emboss, for a wonderful thick glaze.
Sample #2: Apply Vintaj Ink Patina, let dry, sand the top, then apply the Vintaj Glaze.
Add drops of a darker Alcohol Ink straight from the bottle.
Using an Alcohol Ink Tool, dab the drops of ink on the tag. Add more darker ink and gradually add lighter colors until you achieve your desired look and color.
You can stop at this stage. The following snippit sample shows you another look using all the same techniques as this, but with more lighter Alcohol Ink than dark.
Sample #3
Sand the raised edges of the embossed design using a very fine grit paper or use a Vintaj Reliefing Block. Apply Vintaj Glaze or use UTEE heat embossing. When dry, add your embellishments and ribbon.


I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. Thank you for this fab tutorial. I quite fancy doing some metal embossing etc. Will certainly give it a try. Thanks for sharing Anita : )

  2. Fantastic tutorial - thanks for sharing.

  3. Graet colours, Anita. I try this technique before, but I forgot about it. Thanks for remind me :)

  4. This is gorgeous& thanks for all the ideas. I really must use more metal in my projects.

  5. Very cool, Anita. Thanks for sharing! <3 Candy

  6. These are phenomenal...I love the vintage edge that metal adds!

  7. Super cool tutorial! Always fun to learn new things! Thank you for it! Love the color combinations on the happy birthday tag!

  8. Just Gorgeous... fab tutorial I will br trying this out.. fantastic effect.. Hugs May x x x

  9. Such awesome color and detail.... oh how I love that embossed metal!

  10. I don't know how I missed this one, I love it! Beautiful colors.


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