Wednesday, January 20, 2016

CHA 2016 - Recap 2 (Ranger Designer Challenge)

I'm back...a little later than I said, sorry...I've been preparing for taxes...yuck! Anywho, here are all the wonderful pieces of Art that were included in the 2016 Ranger Ink Designer's Challenge. They were all wonderful, and I'm sure everyone (I know I was!!!) was honored to be asked to use Tim Holtz's new Distress Crayons! They are WONDERFUL to use, and I need every color! Each of us were only given one pack, #8 tags to use, and Dina Wakley's new Media Board for the substrate, and then left to discover on our own. Pure JOY I tell you! I've also included the tutorial for how I created mine titled "Roses are Red", so grab some sustenance!!!

2016 Ranger Ink Designer's Challenge - Distress Crayons


Aren't they all so unique and different?!! I love love love to see everyone's style, and the way we've all used the same goods, but they are all completely different.

I took inspiration from my own den! The bricks were modeled after the ones on my fireplace, which I painted years ago, and the table too, which I inherited from my Grandparents. Then I took my favorite color red (I used the whole crayon up!!!) to create the roses, and inserted them into a wax vase, YES WAX!
I used Glue N Seal to adhere dictionary pages to Wendy's Clearly for Art for the roses.
I mashed up some of the Festive Berries Distress Crayon (So super luscious and soft!) and mixed it with water to make a paint.
I die cut the Clearly for Art with Tim's Sizzix large and small Tattered Pinecones, and painted them with the Festive Berries Crayon. I did the same with the leaves from the Garden Greens die.
To make the table, I adhered chipboard to Tim's Core'dinations cardstock and die cut the pieces with Vintage Cabinet Card die, and then layered them onto themselves for a 3D beveled table look.
I colored the table with stripes of Festive Berries, and then coated the whole thing with Black Tie Paint Dabber. Then I used a paper towel to wipe away the paint that was resisted from the crayon. COOL!
I coated Dina's Media Board with her white Gesso, let that dry, and then adhered some music note strips with Clear Gesso, added Wendy's Gold Embossing Paste, and some torn tags onto it, which made for great texture. Then I stared and stared at the board, waiting for a new idea.
I colored each leaf with mixtures of Festive Berries, Rusty Hinge, Fossilized Amber, and Peeled Paint Distress Crayons, and use a Bold Water Brush to watercolor the look. I shaped them and the roses with a Heat It Tool. I also hot glued the roses to flower making stems.
Back to the substrate, I decided to smudge on Fossilized Amber Crayon with my finger all over the board, darker in some areas and lighter, then I did some stamping with Tim's Stamper's Anonymous script from the Letters to Santa stamp set with Wendy's Watering Can Archival. Then I smashed up some more Distress Crayon and added it to Wendy's White Embossing Paste, and spread it through Tim's Brick Layering Stencil here and there. I didn't like how orange the bricks were, so when it dried, I coated them with Fossilized Amber Distress Crayon with a baby wipe. I added dots of Paint Dabber here and there on the bricks, and outlined them with a Hickory Smoke Distress Marker. Then I loved them!
I make the vase, I coated a #8 tag with white Gesso, and then colored on stems with the Peeled Paint Crayon, then coated the whole thing with clear wax from the Melt It Pot. I fused that, and then laid Tim's Gothic Stencil over it, and brushed on more wax over the stencil. LOVE!!! I cleaned the stencil between strips of newsprint using an iron. So COOL!!! I fused that, and then rubbed the Chipped Sapphire Crayon all over the tag to get into all the cracks. Using the warmth of my finger, I moved the crayon all over and smudged it where I wanted it. Once it was dry, I rubbed the Platinum Foil Sheet over it here and there to give it a little sparkle. Then I colored some Gum Drops with Cloudy Blue Alcohol Ink, and adhered them onto the vase. I used pieces of Wendy's Art Part material to form a pocket on the back of the vase to slide the flowers into.
I found an old knitted doily, and adhered the table top and doily on, and then stamped the 'Art' wording image all over the canvas with Tree Branch Archival. Yes, I cut the stamp apart from 'Artist' to 'Art''s all good. Then I adhered the vase, tucked the flowers in, and die cut the 'love' words from Tim's Handwritten Love Thinlets, the heart from the Mixed Media Thinlets, sanded and inked those, and added the Small Talk Stickers. Finished!!!!

Thank you Ranger and Tim for asking me to be a part of this!!! I was so so so honored, and it was just a joy to my creative heart!


I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. Wow!!!! Amazing texture and details on this stunning make Anita x the wall looks amazing but your flowers are just fantastic. Tfs and best wishes
    Annie x

  2. Oh I am SO glad you showed yours to us, up close and personal Anita! The bricks are superb, the flowers are simply gorgeous and the whole composition is wonderful - so looking forward to getting my crayons now! Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Thanks for sharing all of the projects, yours is amazing and thanks for the great tut. I have all my crayons on order, can't wait for them to arrive!!

  4. Totally love the variety of techniques in all the art pieces. I've now add to my wish list the Clearly for art and Large tattered pinecone. Can't wait for the crayons!!! The roses are spectacular Anita!!!!

  5. even better in person! it's gorgeous!

  6. Wow, that's amazing Anita, the roses are stunning and your technique to make the flower vase was inspired! Thanks so much for sharing it and now I am really chomping at the bit to get my Distress crayons LOL! Deb xo

  7. They are all so neat to see Anita but I'm seriously lovin' yours.... what a STUNNING creation. I love how you made it look like your home and the way you set the vase/flowers on the table. Just COMPLETELY AWED by your creativity and the way you combine things to create such lusciousness. It's gorgeous. j

  8. Fantastic to see all the Designer Challenge pieces one by one... thanks for sharing those and the fabulously detailed how-to for your own amazing creation. Love that waxy vase - so cool... Can't wait to play with the crayons!
    Alison xx

  9. This is filled with so much yummy texture and the colors are so lifelike! It must have been amazing to see all these fabulous creations in real life. Your roses.....I can almost smell them!

  10. Fantastic to see these thanks Anita and especially wonderful to study your own in detail. And so much detail you have laboured with too. Its absolutely brilliant! Wax thru the stencil sure is new, to me anyhow, love the old-fashioned ironing of it after! All the elements come together beautifully, particularly as you explain how they are personal to you. Consider the crayons worked to perfection. Well done you! Nicola x

  11. Love seeing all the projects and yours is Fabulous!!!!!!! Thanks for walking us through it!!! Way Cool!!!

  12. holy amazing piece Anita!!! i love everything about it..a whole crayon on the flowers!!! oh my.. and that vase with the wax..brilliant...the brick, the stems, the doily, the table.. love it all!

  13. Wow Anita, I love your piece. I know I've said that in the previous post. But like to say it again :)! I've read all the posts, and I'm now commenting on them, so things are getting mixed up... whoops! But wow, so pretty! Hugs, Sandra

  14. YOURS should win! Am I biased? I might be biased. I have a problem with that, but NO joke...freaking fantastic. There are several up there that really go 3D, but yours my friend, takes the cake. You brought the comforts of your home and the products that you love to play with and combined your happy places together and made an art piece that rivals all others!
    Turning crayons into paint....I'm in love!!!!! :D

  15. AWESOME art Anita!!! LOVE those flowers and the clever ideas for using the Distress Crayons. Like you I'm IN LOVE and need a ton of time to play. You were surrounded by so much amazing art too from the other designers! Off now to number 3... Jenny x


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