Monday, January 18, 2016

CHA 2016 - Recap 1 (Ranger)

Hello everyone! I'm back from CHA, and after appeasing the family with some quality time, and then sorting and editing tons of photos, I am finally doing my first blog post about my time there. And what a time it was...the best CHA ever!!! Here is a quick, although long, synopsis of my time in the Ranger Ink booth.
This was my first day on the job! Everyone in the booth was so super nice to me, oh my gosh, I cannot tell you in words what this time was like for me...SUPERB!!! All the people I met, and rehashed with, mixed with working with a bunch of great Ranger loot, made this experience AMAZING!!!
This was my demo cart! It had my name on it, and was loaded with everything I could possibly need to demo with! I almost cried when I saw my name! SWOON!!!
So many people came by and visited and listened to my blabbing about the goods. I demoed Perfect Pearls Powders, Paint Dabbers, and Dye Inks. I even got to play with the new colors.
 Ranger even did a video of me demoing...don't judge!!! ;0) Thank you Ranger!
And Marjie Kemper did a Periscope Video of me as well, and even saved it to YouTube. Thank you Marjie!!!
Dyan and her glorious pose! She was so gracious to share her demo place with me! I called myself the "Chair Filler" at the Oscars...when a star goes to the bathroom, someone sits in their space until they come back so it is never left empty for the camera. That is what I was! ;0) When Dyan and Dina went to lunch, I filled their chair! What a blast!!!
And this fantastic lady, Dina, also shared her space with me! She is pure joy, and I enjoyed watching her work! Thank you Dina!!!
There were lots and lots of sample boards all over the booth, and here are a few with my work. Sorry for the fuzzy photos, but I'll be showing you tutorials with these later on with much better photos.
Specialty Stamping Paper
Liquid Pearls
More Liquid Pearls
Watercolor Paper and Stickles
And then there was many, many more! I could stare at the samples all day...always my favorite samples to see. 
More Dyan
This painting Dina created was my favorite! If they had an auction for it, I would have maxed my credit card for it...LOVE!!!
I adored Dina's samples too. Love her bound books!
Wendy! I loved her samples. How I didn't get a photo with her, or with Tim is beyond me. I was so crazy busy, and missed many photo opportunities.
There were lots of Tim samples gorgeous.

Tomorrow, I'll be back to show you the Ranger Designer Challenge was a thrill to be included. I'm sorry I didn't get pics of all the Ranger employees...they made this the most wonderful experience ever, and I thank them from the bottom to the top of my heart! 

I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. so so proud of you!! You rocked owned it!!! Love that cart with your name on it!!! hehehe...can't wait to see you in April!!! Hugs.

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun at CHA, Anita! Thanks for sharing all the sample. Lots of inspiration out there.

  3. Looks like you are a star! Fabulous!!

  4. What a great post Anita! You are wonderful! I think it was really tiring but very fun! Thank you for sharing a photo of Idea-ology booth with my projects! Barbarayaya

  5. You were fabulous dahling! I so enjoyed watching you demo, you did a great job. Hope to see you again at CHA next year . You're so much more than a seat filler.

  6. Wow, what a great summary of CHA Anita!! I missed Marjie's scope of you so thanks so much for showing that. It is wonderful to see you and hear your accent - it is fabulous! Well done too on demo-ing for Ranger too!! Hugs, Anne xx

  7. Wow, great videos, what an experience xx

  8. Fantastic to see you taking your place at the Ranger booth - and you look right at home! Fabulous samples too. So, so cool to see the cart with your name. Looking forward to watching the video and periscope - and to seeing more of your adventures soon. Bravo!
    Alison xx

  9. Totally fabulous pics and it's easy to see that you had the most amazing time at CHA

    Looking forward to viewing more

    Huge hugs Annie x

  10. what an awesome experience!! you are so fantastical... I loved seeing the cart with your name on it!!!! you go girl!! I would have loved to been there to cheer you on !!! thanks for sharing your experience with us all!!

  11. Looked like a great time!! Loved the videos!!

  12. Oh wow Anita, what a great post and what a fantastic time you must have had! You are a star in your own right for sure! The videos were fun to watch and all the samples look super too! It sure looks as if you were right at home there in the Ranger Booth, - well done you!!!

  13. Loved reading this, Anita!!! How exciting for you!!!

  14. Well get you girl, you are rockin! Sooo cool listening to Marjie introducing you and then seeing you 'doin your thang'. Also lovely to hear your accent, seems like you've become more real to me if you know what I mean. Fab demoing Anita, hope they all placed lots of orders. The photos and your makes look fantastic. I don't use the adjective 'awesome' much but this truly must have been an awesome experience for you and so well deserved. Anita has landed, she even has her personally labelled demo cart! That's the same as an actor having his/her own name on the back of their filming set chair. Well done you. Nicola x

  15. Sounds like you had a wonderful time Anita, saw you on Periscope, you are a star! Congratulations on being chosen to demo and to make the sample boards, can't wait to see them in more detail,they look amazing! Deb xo

  16. So much color and beauty and creativity...makes my little heart go pitty pat! You looked like you were having so much fun...and that makes my heart smile! Thanks for sharing all these samples!!!

  17. It's such a pleasure to see you in action in the Ranger booth, Anita! Love that I got to say hi through Marjie in the periscope! So much fun! Your project with the Distress Crayons is stunning! Love the dimension. The flowers are fabulous and all the texture. What fantastic experience it must have been! Hugs, Sandra

  18. What fun. . .and so many amazing samples and products and awesomeness. And, you got to be a part of it all and contribute to the awesome. Despite missing some photo opps, I'm sure the memories you made will last a long, long time! Thanks for sharing some of it with us.

  19. Just worked my way through all your CHA recaps - what great photos you have! Thanks for the shout-outs too. It was great seeing you and I'm wishing you every good thing in this coming year.

  20. FINALLY getting chance to catch up with your CHA adventures. Oh man! What an honour! So, so pleased for you to get this opportunity (and TOTALLY get the no photos bit!) Right, time for day 2... Jenny x


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