Sunday, January 19, 2014

My 2014 CHA Highlights & The People

I think the 2014 Winter CHA Mega Show was the best least that I've been to! CHA posted that the numbers were even up 10% from last year, and there seemed to be more rows of vendors, but I have to say it didn't seem that crowded. Personally, I like less crowding...I think they just stretched it out more. I really don't know though for sure. Some people I saw a lot, and some people I never saw, and really wanted to, and I stayed at the show opening to closing all four days. This place was really really big. I think I walked 10 miles every day, no kidding. Anytime we saw someone limping around, it was assumed they had the CHA walk...sore legs and feet, nursing blisters as well. There was even a CHA Flu going around! Regardless, it was awesome to see people, take classes, see fabulous Art work, and just talk! The people are what makes this show so fabulous for me.
This was my walk to my hotel! Gorgeous trees!
I loved this large sculpture right outside of the doors leading into the show.  Then when you walked in, it was crazy busy. People were talking, ordering, and demoing.
The awesome Wendy Vecchi was demoing her new Crackle Paste! Love this stuff and her!
The amazing Tim Holtz was demoing his new Marker Spritzer! A must have!
The super creative Dyan Reaveley and Dina Wakley liked posing for pics!
Dyan again posing with the nicest person ever, Eileen Hull.
Speaking of Eileen...I had the pleasure of helping out in one of her classes with Amy Bowerman, my roomie for the week. They have joined forces and started the Artist Trading Blocks movement. Marjie Kemper even helped out. It was quite interesting and fun! 
Marjie and I were hiding behind boxes.
I ran into Jim, the Gentleman Crafter, and he showed me around to where some of his samples were in the Graphic 45 booth. FABULOUS is what they were. This one is a tea box with kinds of hidden gems.  He made a trophy, a lighthouse, and a violin...all complete with hidden albums!
The first night of the show, CHA put on a Block Party! The band was absolutely fantastic! They played songs from the 60's to the hits of today! Yes, I danced...a lot! But everyone I knew was out there too!!!
There was even a crazy hat photo booth, so a few of us posed...Carolyn and Gina from The Crafty Scrapper, Johnna and Darcie from Scrappy Camper Sisters, and Jim and I...we had too much fun! They even used this photo for the daily digest online!
The next night, several of us attended the Prime Publishing & Fave Crafts Blogger Event! It was fun meeting new people and learning about new opportunities, and they ended the night with four bags...yes four...of loot to use! What awesome companies to give us so much stuff!
All of those companies gave us products to use for future projects! AWESOME!
My four bags of loot!
Johnnie of Saved By Love Creations (My other roomie and new bestie!), me, Marjie (Old bestie!), France Pappilon (Just met her and now love her!), and Amy (Old bestie!)...we all had a grand time!
We shared dessert after Paula Cheney posted it on FaceBook, and just had to have it! YUMMY!
I took a couple of classes, sat in on Make n Takes, and went to book signings too! There was so much to do, and so many to see!
The Make n Take at the Idea-ology booth! LOVED LOVED LOVED all the new papers, ephemera, and embellies!
Pam Carriker signed her new book "Creating Art at the Speed of Life" for me.
This is one of the cards I made during the Sizzix class, and Tim taught us to use his new Shadow Press Embossing Folders, which actually deboss. Very COOL!
Of course, I walked round and round my favorite area, the Ranger, Sizzix, Idea-ology, and Stamper's Anonymous booths, and I talked and talked and talked to everyone! I even saw a few of my samples...what a THRILL!!!
At Ranger (Click on that link to sign up for a Ranger give away!), I made the Butterfly Tag using their Black and White Enamel Accents.

Also at Ranger, I used every color of Archival Ink to make several tags also using the Stamper's Anonymous Tiny Things mini images. One is used here, but I'll be showing you the rest of the tags in another post.
At Sizzix, Eileen Hull, had my Industrial Dice hanging up at the Artist Trading Block display.
It was great to see my banner up for Charity Wings Banner's of Hope as well! All of the banners were stunning, and there were so many! I was honored to be participating in this, and hope these small pieces of Art, cheer some people up! 

And then, where I talked to more people than I can even remember, was the Designer Showcase at Booth booth. 
Johnnie took this collage of photos of my Showcase!
You cannot even imagine how nervous I was about the Showcase...a real wreck. I felt like the junkyard dog amongst clean, professional, and beautiful displays from the other artists, but I think sticking out worked in my favor. I talked to many manufacturers and gave out almost 300 business cards. I highly recommend joining CHA as a Designer Member and showing your work in the Designer Showcase, if you want to further your Art business.  It was well worth my hysteria and hard work! Thank you to all the people who left notes and gave me words of encouragement! I could not have done this without you!
I made my business card holder with Eileen's Candy Drawer Box die, Ranger's Foil Sheets, and Sizzix Texture Fades.
Tuesday, I will show you some of the gorgeous booths and their products. Then on Wednesday, I'll share my top 10 Must Haves, trends that I saw, plus I have TWO FABULOUS GIVE-AWAYS, so stay tuned to see the rest of my 2014 CHA highlights!!!
I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures. God willing, one of these days I'll be able to attend and even show at CHA. Blessings!

  2. Wonderful post Anita, thanks for sharing everything with us and thanks for all the rest pics. I love reading all about your time at CHA. I see my Block next to your dice at the booth, how exciting!! Haha!! I also love your display, everything looks so nice, congrats on that.

  3. Such a great recap! I felt like I was back in CA which is good because I really miss it (and you) :). You got great photos girl! Man I felt like I took a billion but not so much...I'm going to link to this post when I do my recap on The Artists on the Block :)

    Wish we could do the social part of CHA (not the work) several times a year!


  4. What great fun, Anita! I just love all the art you shared and how wonderful to see your art on display. One day I hope to attend!

  5. How awesome!! Thank you for sharing! I love seeing all of the booths and art! :)

  6. Wonderful recap! I can't wait to see the rest of the photos.

  7. wowww! What wonderful "journey" through the new products of the creative world! I wish I was there with you! Thanks for sharing! barbarayaya

  8. Wow how cool to see all your beautiful work in a booth and so well deserved! It looks fab in the photos and I am. Sure more amazing in real life! looking forward to more of your posts soon hugs trace x

  9. What a fabulous post Anita. It certainly shows how much fun you had a CHA this time round. I can't even imagine what an event as big as this would be like. Looking forward to the next post. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xxxxxxx

  10. You can always be relied on to do a fantastic recap post Anita - it's so great to see the show from your perspective with all those great photos of familiar faces and your brilliant show pieces. I'm so glad your designer stand was a hit. No wonder you were nervous, but of course your talent is always going to shine through. Looking forward to the next 'hit'. Jenny x

  11. Love this post Anita and to feel the excitement of the show through your words and photographs, what an amazing time you had and I'm so thrilled that you had so much work on display, it all looks amazing. TFS.
    Have a good week.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  12. What a fabulous time! I'd need a golf cart to get around. Love your samples. Look forward to the next post.

  13. You had such an amazing time Anita, am sure you were like a kid in a candy shop. Thank you for sharing your fab experiences. Hugs Annette x

  14. Great pics! Sounds like everyone had a fabulous time. Sore feet be damned! Go treat yourself to a pedi now that you're back home!! Thanks for sharing your CHA time with all of us.

  15. You will have the days of your life Anita in this paradise called CHA...Lovely makes, great pics!

  16. F A N T A S T I C.....Thanks for sharinf with us who couldn't make it, Looooooove Jim,s stuff, have a wonderful week...

  17. What a super recap! It was wonderful seeing you and your Designer Showcase was absolutely gorgeous, Anita. Congratulations!!

  18. Perhaps you will now believe it - you are one amazingly talented Designer, no wonder you gave out so many of your fabulous business cards! I can understand your nerves though but what a fantastic place to display your wares. You always do such a great summary, thank you so much for all the fab photos and it was lovely to see your amazing industrial cubes on display! Hugs, Anne x

  19. WAW!!! Потрясающе, Анита! Так много фотографий! Столько труда и времени!!! Я поздравляю тебя от всей души со всеми новыми впечатениями от этого прекрасного мероприятия!!! Очень за тебя рада и счастлива! Обнимаю! Хочу быть вместе с тобой!

  20. So many wonderful photos, thanks for sharing :)

  21. What a great adventure you've had! And so cool you had your own booth! So happy for you that you had such an amazing time! Hugs, Sandra

  22. Thanks so much Anita for sharing all your wonderful memories with us and showing your wonderful photos!! So much inspiration all round! Big congrats also on the success of your Designer Showcase!!

  23. I LOve your tags. FAbulous colors Anita. Wow!!!!!!! But seriously as I went down the blog... my fave was your banner for the Banners of Hope. Then I hit your Designer Showcase booth pics. Really Anita?!?!? Amazing ... I'm so glad you have an outlet for all this creativity. I'm sure you would explode without it. You are soooooooo gifted. Love your showcase pieces and I'm sure everyone else there loved them as well.

    Sorry its been so long since I've visited. I've been dealing with health issues and an overwhelming amount of work. I'm so glad I had a moment to see what you've been up to this morning. I'm heading now to check out some of your work over the last couple of months. Talk to you later -- Mary Elizabeth

  24. Fabulous post Anita, Love the banner... simply beautiful....What a fantastic experience for you... love it... Hugs May x x x

  25. Such a fabulous post - thank you for sharing all the excitement with us. It looks and sounds a-ma-zing!! And so cool to see your makes up there to inspire everyone going by... those dice are looking magnificent! Looking forward to hearing lots more of your adventures...
    Alison xx

  26. I seemed to have missed a lot of people as well but I am happy to have met you. Congrats on your showcase...and all the great things I am sure it will lead to!

  27. Anita, so glad to hear CHA was a resounding success!! I think it is awesome that you did it, and I hope you get lots of inquiries back! because you are ONE talented lady!!

  28. Wow thank you for your beautiful photos to see CHA in your eyes :) There were so many fantastic peaople to see. Congratulate on your show! You show your work they are wonderful and amazing I love your work You have amazing talent all the work is brilliant :)

  29. I don't know why your blog posts have stopped showing up in my inbox, thank goodness I remembered to check, I would have hated to miss your CHA posts. This one is wonderful, your excitement leaps out of the screen. Your showcase looks absolutely wonderful & I have no doubt that it will lead to big opportunities for you. Have a great time playing with all your new loot. :)

  30. This post made me grin from ear to ear! I loved seeing your designer showcase. What an impressive body of work. All original, all beautiful, all totally YOU! So proud of you, Anita. I can't wait to see the harvest that comes from the good seeds you sowed at this event. You really are an inspiration to me!

  31. Hi Anita,

    This is Julia from FaveCrafts - just wanted to stop by and say that your blog post is awesome! So glad you attended our blogger event and enjoyed your swag! If you haven't already, be sure to add your CHA post to our linkup on the FaveCrafts Blog --->

    Have a great day!

  32. Wowsers - it must have been such a bizz Anita to see your own artistry like that - well done you!! Nicola x


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