Wednesday, October 10, 2012

R.I.P. Witch Hazel...Or Not!

Won't you take me to... Funkie Town?!?  You know what that means everyone! This time I am hosting the challenge over at Frilly & Funkie, and I want to see a tag, but not an ordinary way no how! Show us A Different Kind Of Tag (Plus A Theme).  I love making tags and there is sooo much you can do on a tag, BUT sometimes I need a slight change up. So this fortnight show us a tag, BUT alter it somehow. Change it's shape, cut it up, add several to make a book, flip it upside down, whatever, just don't let us see a regular tag. Repeating..."No regular tags this fortnight!" Let's see how creative you can be, AND use Autumn or Halloween as your theme.
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This is not exactly how I envisioned this to come out, but that is how it goes. I wanted to have Hazel pop up every time you open the coffin (Thus, not resting in peace!), but I just couldn't finagle it. I've been a bit under the weather lately, got a little better, but now feeling pretty yucky, so maybe that is why Witch Hazel is so ugly...she matches how I feel! The coffin really needs more grunge, but my swollen tonsils and feverish head keep telling me to get back in bed.
Hazel was made by stamping Tim's skeleton in Adirondack Snow Cap Pigment Ink onto black cardstock, then heat embossing it twice using Ranger's Sea Foam Embossing Powder. Below are the steps to make the coffin out of three tags.
I'm always saving packaging from unusual items. This one is from a double dose of Smooch Spritz. It work's perfectly with a #8 Tag. I traced it onto a kraft tag, and used dotted lines just inside the traced lines so I would know where to cut.
I glued these two tags together so that my tags would be stronger, but I did not add glue to the traced out area, so when I cut it out, I had two complete pieces to use for something else.
I glued the plastic into the cut out hole between the glued tags. This will be the bottom of the coffin.
Using the third tag, I measured at 1/2 inch from the top in as well as the bottom, at 1 1/2 inches from the top down, and from another 1 1/2 inches from there, doing this on both sides. I drew dotted lines to connect all these points. This will be the top portion of the coffin.
I cut on the dotted lines, and this formed a coffin shape. I placed this tag on top of the glued tags with the plastic piece, and then trimmed around it.
I found some strips of pressed Balsa Wood on sale at Hobby Lobby. Using only Tim scissors, I trimmed it to go around the perimeter of the bottom part of the coffin. Be careful...this stuff is sort of like's itchy, so wear gloves.
I embossed the top part of the coffin as well as the left over center pieces from the bottom portion, using Tim's Wood Texture Fade from Sizzix.
I inked them in Rusty Hinge and Walnut Stain Distress Inks, then dabbed all of them with Claudine Hellmuth Studio's Multi Matte Medium. By dabbing it on, it made great raised texture parts. After it was all dried, I used the same inks over it again.
Using those two extra tag strips of wood, I cut them into 3/4 inch strips, and glued them onto my Balsa Wood pieces. I used Rust and Pitch Black Alcohol Ink to give my hinge and lock the worn and buried look, and then attached one side of the hinge onto the bottom of the coffin, directly into the Balsa Wood.
I had some scrap red velvet, and I glued it into the coffin. I trimmed around it, and gave it a good inking with Walnut Stain. I attached the side part of the lock into the Balsa Wood on the opposite side of the hinge.
I stamped only the Witch Hazel portion of Tim's stamp, using Jet Black Archival onto the door of the coffin. I stamped Hazel's eye portion from her face stamp onto Specialty Stamping Paper, colored it in with Distress Markers,cut it out, and adhered it to the back of the tag's hole, so Hazel had a peep hole.
I attached the top portion of the lock onto the door, and then attached the hinge onto a scrap piece of kraft paper. Then I glued the scrap paper onto the coffin door where it needed to match up to the bottom portion of the coffin. I needed to cover all of this up, and I didn't have anymore velvet or white silk, so I used white tissue paper instead. Everything received a coat coat of both Rusty Hinge and Walnut Stain Distress Ink.
To make Hazel's broom, I used a Starbuck's lid stopper (I don't know what you call it!) and colored it with the Alcohol Inks as well. Then using some pulled strings of jute, I cut them and glued them onto the bottom of the stopper. I also used the jute as Hazel's hair after I colored it green with Peeled Paint Distress Ink. Hazel's wand is just a piece of twig from my oak tree, and her hat is just black cardstock.

I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. Wow Anita! This is phenomenal! What a brilliant idea and it really looks like a wooden coffin! Beautifully done! Hugs, Sandra

  2. That's so fabulous....a great arty make ;) Hope you feel better real soon.
    xoxo Sioux

  3. Great Halloween item. The red living is so classy for this guy to rest in.

  4. You are insanely crazy creative! Hmmm, I think I'll take a tiny piece of this and something in the trash and badabing, badaboom...oh lookie, here's an awesome coffin I made. are amazing. LOOOVE your tag coffin!!!
    Here's me bowing as I exit....

  5. LOVE your coffin! Sorry you've been sick. Hope you're soon feeling better.

  6. OMG...How CLEVER!!!!!! Very genious...and to think you did this while you were sick and it ROCKS this much!!!!! I hope you feel better very soon!!!

  7. Holy Mackerel, Anita! I cannot believe you built a coffin out of tags... YIKES! That is one fantastic project. I hope you're feeling loads better, soon. Awesome work!

  8. So sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly, hope you feel better soon! Love, love, love your fabulous Witch Hazel coffin, how clever are you.......this is just amazing. If I could figure out how to do a pin on Pinterest (just joined) I would. Have done a little coffin myself but it is quite pathetic after seeing yours but thank you for the inspiration! Big crafty healing hugs, Anne x

  9. Oh Anita, How fun is this!!! I Love the "EYE". in the top of the Coffin!!! Tooo COOOL! Clever use of Tags! Love It!
    Hugs Vada

  10. Holy moly, I'm speechless. This is drop-dead amazing. What a design you have worked out - every detail is absolutely PERFECT! And thank you so much for the step-by-step. This is just so totally wonderful!

    I'm so sorry to hear that you are still sick. Please rest and take care!


  11. Wow! You really get into your projects! lol

  12. What a fun project! Sorry you're not feeling very well; take care!

  13. Love your inventiveness Anita, especially as you are under the weather. Hope you feel a lot better soon. Congrats on your Sept Tim tag win too. Hugs, Buttons x

  14. You are amazing! I love what you've made, so much creativity! (and Hazel looks great, btw ;)) Hope you're feeling better soon.

  15. Oh my goodness, this is ingenious!! So wonderfully done and fun, too!

  16. Wow it is so cool and genial idea. Coffin is really charmed. Perform is so amazing and resourceful.I love this. I hope you feel better soon.:)

  17. Love this coffin! What a brilliant idea right down to the eye!!! Feel better really soon!

  18. What amazing work on that coffin - the wood effect is fabulous! Brilliant idea, and it's only your own high standards that make you feel the execution needs anything more!! Do hope you feel better soon, and thanks for a fab challenge - have just entered my offering...
    lots of love and healthy thoughts,
    Alison x

  19. BOO!... Страшное дело прямо! :-)) Ну ты и мастер!

  20. Clever recycling and a fabulous outcome. Looks like you had great fun making this very inspiring piece.


    Annie x

  21. I need to step inside your mind and take a good look around ! This is fantastic ! Awesome work Anita ! Sue C x

  22. How do you keep coming up with these ideas! Crazy scary Halloween-y. But I'm sorry you are not feeling well. Maybe you need to take a break!

  23. Wow...Anita, this is so fun and creative! Love it!

  24. This is so creative and full of wonderful detail. The coffin is looks like a real wooden box. Brilliant use of recycled packaging. Love the eye peeking out of the hole. That is such an Anita touch! Hope you are feeling better soon...take care.

  25. Every time I throw away one of those molded plastic packaging pieces I cringe because I know that somewhere, somehow it could be used for something cool. And look what you did - this is so clever and really fun!

  26. What an inno-ventor you are! (See, I just made that up!) This is just sooooo cool! We will all be saving every plastic package that we get from now on because of you and this piece you made!!

  27. Oh...and I hope you feel better soon! Lots of yucky stuff going around.


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