Monday, April 02, 2012

March Tags & ATC's Arrive

Yay!!! My swapped out March ATC's from the All Things Tim Yahoo Group have arrived, as well as the March tags from the Ranger Ink Link Yahoo Group. These arrived just in time to lift my spirits somewhat, after a crappy person stole my iphone on Saturday, which basically runs my whole scheduled life. I haven't even been able to see past the red in my eyes due to the rage of knowing someone out there knows pretty much where my family and I am at certain hours of the day, not to mention my address, and lots of account information, and is looking at all my pictures and texts. I'm starting to get angry again, and you don't need to see that side of me (think Hulk), but you know what they say about karma! Thanks ladies for swapping out with me, and bringing a bit of sunshine to my storm filled weekend!

All Things Tim: Blue and Orange March Madness ATC Swap
Susan Salyer (This is so bright and fun Susan! I love the texture and glitter, and that birdy in it's nest is wonderful. Awesome title cool!)
Susan Kesselman (Love Umbrella Man, and this quote is perfect! Great idea with the crackle as well, the texture is fabulous!)
Sue Burland (I love the paint and texture here, it feels fab to the touch. The birdy is adorable as well. The netting is excellent here, and adds so much to the this!) is mine again.

Ranger Ink Link:  Going Green Tag Swap
Victoria Sturdevant (I love this Wendy gal, and she looks awesome in green. The embossing is perfect and shiny against the splotched cool Vic!)
Christine Orman (The pop of pink here rocks, and I love your repurposed embellies, especially that bread tie...genius!  Love the charm....Awesome!)
Nancy Walker (I was thrilled to get this tag, as I fell in love with it the minute I saw it on Nancy's blog! We all have tags and extra buttons from our clothes, so how cool is this? Talk about inspiration here Nancy! Gorgeous!) is mine again.
 I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. So sorry to hear about your iPhone. My iPad can be tracked if stolen. Have you contacted Apple to see if they might be able to help? Your phone company might be helpful, too. Hoping this matter is resolved swiftly. Take care, Yvonne

    1. I had the tracker....according to ATT and Apple, it's not working, according to the police it never works, and Iphones are the number one things stolen here in my city. I have probably been on the phone a total of 8 hours in the last 3 days. Dismal failure. Thank you though for your well wishes, I hope they help!!!

  2. Sorry you had such a bad weekend. I'm glad my tag helped brighten it a bit.

  3. Sorry to hear about the theft, but your tags and atc swaps are gorgeous!

  4. Helo Anita, I'm so sorry about your iphone, really hope you get something sorted out soon. Thank goodness for the arrival of these beauties to cheer you up, they are gorgeous, love the combination of orange & blue.

  5. More big hugs from over the sea - you already know what I think about the 'pond scum' that took your phone. The tags are gorgeous, what a thrilling colour combination the orange and turquoise make... amazing!

  6. What a wonderful tags and ATCs ! Great swap!


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