Thursday, October 28, 2021

Tim Holtz Sizzix Christmas 2021 - Retro Oven Shaker and Pop Up Ornament with Cookie Recipe

Hey All! I've gotten several emails on this Retro Oven Shaker Pop Up Christmas Ornament, with people wanting the tutorial for it, so finally here it is.  I totally fell in love with this new Tim Holtz Sizzix die, and although time consuming, it was totally FUN to make. Enjoy!
Die cut the Retro Oven base with red Metallic Kraftstock from the Jewels collection. Use a craft knife to cut around the left and right sides of the door area as well as the top so that it will open like an oven. Use a small point stylus and ruler to help you make a score line on the bottom of the oven door so that you can fold it out a little easier. Fold along the score line so that the door opens out. Also die cut another Retro Oven base from silver Metallic Kraftstock leaving the center of it in place, and set this one aside until later.
For the smaller pieces that need to be die cut using the Blackout and silver Metallic Kraftstock, add two sided tape to the back before die cutting so that the small pieces can be adhered easier. Die cut all the small pieces and adhere them in place using the die pick to help you lift them and place them really helps. 
Ink the edges of the oven door with Black Soot Archival and an Ink Blending Tool. Using a jewelry mini hole punch really helps with this part, but a craft pick works fine as well as long as you are careful with the Kraft Stock as the parts are thin and can tear. Punch holes that will fit the brads for the Mini Plaquette centered at the bottom of the oven and add the plaquette. Punch holes for the turn buttons on the top sides of the oven doors and add those. Punch holes for the door pull where the oven handle is and add it. The door pull is heavy and can make the door swing backwards so handle probably to stop that from happening. Set the oven aside for now.
Die cut all four designs of the cookies using Kraft Heavystock. Lightly ink the edges of the cookies with Gathered Twigs Distress Ink. Set one of each of the four designs of cookies aside. Cut a piece of silver Metallic Kraftstock to 1 1/8 x 2 inches and ink the edges lightly with Black Soot Archival. Adhere the four cookies to the sheet using Collage Medium, and set the sheet with cookies aside for now. Taking the other cookies, work one design at a time, ice the cookies with Glacier White Enamel Accents and lightly sprinkle Distress Glitter onto the wet Enamel Accents. I use Festive Berries on the hearts, Mowed Lawn on the trees, Broken China on the stars, and Mustard Seed on the gingerbread people. If you don't have the colored glitter which is now discontinued I believe, you can make your own per Tim's instructions (someone in cyber land) using Alcohol Ink and Clear Rock Candy Distress Glitter. Set these aside to dry completely about 30 minutes to be safe.
Aren't these so cute and don't they look so real??? Yum! 
Peel off the adhesive trim on the Square Shaker Dome and add it from the inside of the door and stick it in place adding some thin two sided tape to the front edges of the dome. Add the cookies in the dome and any other goodies you'd like to put in there like beads, sequins, glitter, etc. Cut a piece of silver Metallic Kraftstock to 2 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches and adhere it to the back of the oven door so that the silver is seen through the dome and all contents are sealed using two sides tape. 
Cut a piece of silver Metallic Kraftstock to 3 1/8 x 6 inches long and fold in half silver side in. Open the paper up and trim off 1/4 inch off the top so that half is 2 3/4 long x 3 1/8 wide. Trim off 3/4 inches off the bottom so that the bottom half is 2 1/4 inch long. Trim off just a smidge over 1/8 inch off of each side of the bottom half so that it will be 2 3/4 inches wide. Fold the paper back in half and cut slits in the middle that are 1 1/4 inch in from each side and 3/4 inches high. 
Open the fold up (silver is seen) and push the slit cuts from behind forward and fold them so they are square by closing the paper and rubbing it down to make the fold lines. Open it up and you should have a little shelf popping up. Add a small piece of two sided tape to the top of the shelf and stick the cookie sheet onto it. When it closes the cookie sheet should be completely hidden inside. Add strips of two sides tape to the back of each half.
Adhere the bottom half (smaller part) over the inside of the oven door. Take the silver Metallic Kraftstock Retro Oven base and add two sided tape on the top and bottom of the Kraft side (you want the silver on the back of the red oven). Remove the backing of the tape on the larger folded half as well as the silver oven base and stick it to the back of the red oven, with the folded piece sandwiched between both ovens and secure. Open the oven door from the front to see the cookie sheet pop out. Set this aside for now. 
For the base of your ornament you will use the large oval frame from the Christmas Baseboards. Type up and print out a cookie recipe (or use a photo or whatever you'd like) that will fit inside the frame (typing it out in the center of your Word Document and spacing accordingly). Trace the frame over the recipe and then cut the recipe out and adhere the frame to it with Collage Medium. Sand or cut off any overage, and ink the edges with Black Soot Archival. Apply a layer of Collage Medium over the recipe with a brush to keep it safe through the years.
Choose a patterned paper for the other side of the ornament (the side the oven will be on), and trace the oval frame on the paper and cut out. I used the Christmas Kraftstock paper stash from many moon's ago as I liked the retro dots. Adhere the paper to the ornament using Collage Medium and applying pressure from behind to make sure all the edges and center are stuck well. Ink the edges of the this side with Black Soot Archival. 
Punch a hole on the dotted side up at the center top with the largest punch of the Crop-O-Dile and set a long (longer than the thickness of the frame) silver eyelet with it. String red Velvet Trim through the hole, center the velvet,  and tie a knot so that the loop will be big enough to fit a tree branch.  
Add the Retro Oven to the dotted side with two sided tape. Punch a hole at the bottom center and insert another eyelet and set it with the Crop-O-Dile. Add dots of Stickles randomly to the dots on the paper and let dry. Use the Crop-O-Dile to punch holes in the spoon and knife. Use sand paper to remove any metal edges from the holes as well as to bring out a more bright silver sheen on the adornments. Scribble on Candied Apple Distress Crayons to the debossed wording on the adornments and wipe off with a paper towel. Add these to a large jumprings and add more adornments on. Use pliers to add the jumpring to the eyelet.  

(Paper Trimmer, Die Cut Machine, Die Pick, Craft Knife, Stylus, Two Sided Tape, Ink Blending Tool, Jewelry Mini Hole Punch, Pencil, Scissors, Collage Brush, Crop-O-Dile, Pliers) 
-Tim Holtz Idea-ology: Metallic Jewels Kraftstock, Metallic Kraft Stock, Blackout Kraftstock, Mini Hardware Set, Mini Plaquettes, Christmas Baseboards, Christmas Kraftstock, Warm Velvet Trims, Jumprings, Silverware Adornments, Christmas Words Adornments, Yuletide Adornments, Tiny Bells
-Sizzix Tim Holtz Thinlits (Christmas 2021): Retro Oven  
-Ranger Tim Holtz Archival Ink: Black Soot 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Heavystock: Kraft 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Gathered Twigs 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Collage Medium: Matte 
-Ranger Enamel Accents: Glacier White 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Glitter: Festive Berries, Mowed Lawn, Broken China, Mustard Seed 
-Sizzix Shaker Domes: Rounded Square 
-Ranger Stickles: Xmas Red, Sprinkled Sugar
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Crayons: Candied Apple 
-Braded Turn Buttons, Printed Cookie Recipe, Eyelets, Sequins, Beads
I've got one more Christmas make to show you from all the Tim Lives, so I'll be back again this week. Until then, I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. This is just so cute!!! Love that the cookie sheet comes out of the over when you open the door...genious...thanks for all the tips and tricks....

  2. I have been waiting (im)patiently for this tutorial. As I wrote to you right after the live, I bought the oven die immediately on seeing your make, while the live was still showing. Absolutely awesome. I love everything about it. I was unsure how to make the pop-up oven shelf but you explained it beautifully. It’s definitely the icing on the cake. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. Now if I could just find a similar polka dot paper. Unfortunately it seems to be an impossible task but I’ve ordered Tim’s mini dot shifter stencils and am hoping I can achieve a similar look. Thanks again. Much appreciated.

  3. It's just fabulous! What a brilliant tutorial taking us through your recipe!!
    Alison x

  4. This is thoroughly brilliant and ever-so-creative! A very appreciative thanks for guiding us through the steps involved with making this endlessly charming festive oven ornament. It is one of the coolest and most original projects I've seen all year.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

  5. This is one of the few dies I did not buy in this release but seeing your beautifully crafted Retro Oven I am wondering why? I love the fact that you did it in red, it is the perfect colour. The handle looks amazing and the cookies look fabulous in the shaker. Thanks for sharing your great tutorial with us too! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. I have almost everything to make one for myself .. except for one thing and I am spending way more time than I should trying to find it! The Little braded holders that look like they belong on the back of a picture frame ... I cannot find those anywhere at all or anything like it. Would you be able to share where you found them? I have ordered (and gotten) loose ones that are meant for picture frames, but the hole isn't big enough for a brad to go though to hold them in place. I love this and can't wait to make it but that is stumping me to no end :D

    1. Hi. I found them years ago in a multi color bundle at Oriental Trading I believe. People used to use them in scrapbook years ago. Maybe that will help.


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