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Tim Holtz Sizzix Christmas 2021 - Paper Village Mini Kaleidoscope Wrapped Curio Box Ornaments

Hi everyone! Hope this post finds everyone well. Today, I have a big post showing how I made these Paper Village and Mini Kaleidoscope wrapped Curio Box Ornaments for Christmas from Tim Holtz, which were my favorite makes from the Sizzix Christmas Live that I made. I had such fun with these and the time it took was worth it, as I'll have them for years to come. Enjoy!
For the houses, using Kraft Heavystock, die cut all the parts for the shorter house and tower, and then add in the windows and front door. The pic shows a window in the tower, but I later had to scrap the window to make it fit in the Curio Box. Die cut extra windows to use for frames, and an extra door to cut out, as well as save one of the window parts to use on the front door. Fold the house roof in half and use a ruler to cut an opening that the tower will fit in once constructed. FYI...I used Tim's trick for the folding of the flaps on everything by butting up the score lines to the edges a stamping block and then folding so nice. 
Die cut the taller house (this will be the church) and another tower using the Heavystock, and doing the same on the windows and doors. Do the same on the taller house roof as well. 
Add the Stripes Background Stamp from Stamper's Anonymous to a stamping platform and stamp the eight house and tower piece horizontally with the stamp using Picket Fence Distress Paint by lightly rubbing the paint over the stamp and then stamping once lightly. Remember to clean your stamp immediately with water to remove all the paint when finished. 
Taking the two house front pieces, ink the back of them where the shutters are with Gathered Twigs Distress Ink and then turn it over to the front and fold the shutters out. Ink over the extra door piece with Gathered twigs and then adhere the four window pieces to the door with Collage Medium, and then ink over the window pieces to finish the door. Adhere the door to the existing door. Ink over the extra windows with Gathered Twigs, cut around them leaving a nice border and then adhere them over each window on the houses and tower. 
Cut pieces of acetate to fit over the windows and remove one of the backings then add Collage Medium to the borders and adhere the windows in place on the backside of each piece. When dry take off the other backing on each window. The pic shows two towers with windows, but remember only once tower needs the window (the one for the church). Add thin two sided tape to each flap piece to have that ready. Ink the sides and edges of each house piece. Assemble the house pieces together with the two sided tape and Collage Medium. Add Collage Medium to the sides of the tiny porch roofs and adhere those above the doors (you might need to cut them to fit well between those shutters like I did.) Let dry. Do not do the roofs yet.
Insert the towers into each roof and figure out how tall you need each tower to fit the Curio Box. The pic shows a tower with a window on the larger roof, but remember I had to scrap that idea and short the tower even more. In order for the towers not to be seen through the windows, cut between each wall of the towers below the roof, and adhere the wall to the roof with two sided tape (the walls parallel with the roof), and trim off the overage and trim the other two walls to match. Use two sided tape and Collage Medium to adhere the tower roofs on only. Let dry. 
For the boxes, die cut two sets of Curio Boxes with Kraft Heavystock. Use the largest rectangle frame Thinlit and die cut on the front of the box (the one with flaps).  

For the top box, cut silver Kraftstock to fit the top of the front of the box, and use the same rectangle frame Thinlit to die cut the cardstock. Place the frame in the Mini Kaleidoscope 3D Texture Fade and run through the machine three times (no need to mist the paper). Adhere the frame to the front top of the box with Collage Medium. 
Cut silver Kraftstock to fit the four outer side of the top of the box, and then run each piece in the Mini Kaleidoscope Fade. Adhere each piece to the box with Collage Medium. One box top will be horizontal for the house and one vertical for the church. Add Ring Fasteners to the each side of box top up at the top. Set these aside for now.  
For the bottom box, cut silver Kraftstock to fit inside the bottom box and the back of the box except not the bottom inside as it will be covered with felt, and use the Mini Kaleidoscope Fade for those. Adhere all the pieces on with Collage Medium, minus the bottom inside. Do the same on the other box going the other direction.
Cut a 1 1/2 inch wide (by the length of the bottom edge piece) piece of white felt for each box. Cut an opening the size of the base of each house on the left side of the felt. Remove the wooden base of two small Treelot trees. Punch a hole in the felt where the trunk of the tree will go on the right side of the felt. Add two sided tape to the bottom piece of the bottom box. Add the wooden tree base in place on the sticky tape. Insert the house into the hole in the felt so that the sides of the felt are turned up so it looks like a snow drift on the edges of the house and then add a good amount of Collage Medium to the bottom edges of the house and on the wooden tree base. Set the house in place on the sticky tape and press the felt down over it for a nice blanket of snow, making sure the holes match up on the tree base and felt.  Leave these to dry in a safe place.
Using a palette knife and Opaque Distress Grit Paste, add the paste to the roofs of the houses and towers, and the little porch roof above the doors and anywhere you want snow on the houses only.
Punch a hole at the bottom right of the back of the box where the trees will go. Run Tiny Lights through the hole and use Velcro to secure the battery pack to the bottom back of the box. Wrap the tree with the lights leaving about 5 lights on the strand for the inside of the house. Once the tree is wrapped, push the trunk of the tree in the hole on the wooden base that is covered up. Make sure it's nice and tight, if not add Collage Medium. Coil up the rest of the lights and place them inside the house. If you can make them look nice in the windows the better for you as I could not manage that. Remove the two sides tape backing on the flaps for the roof, add lots of Collage Medium to the flaps and press the roofs down in place. Let these dry. 
Use scotch tape and tape the edges of the box together making sure everything is secure and fits nicely inside. Add a tiny tree next to the large on the horizontal box with the house using only the tree (discard the base) and Collage Medium. Take the Grit Paste again and apply it over the tree covering up the wires but not the lights. 
Using about 2 1/2 feet of silver wire per box, fold it in half, twist it on one of the Ring Fasteners, make a loop in the middle twisting it to secure, and then adding the other end to the other Ring Fasteners and twisting the wire to secure. Cut off any extra. Add a bow to the bottom of the loop with Velvet Trim. Taking the bottom of the box, add Collage Medium to outer sides and push into the front cover box, pressing the side together for the glue to adhere. Let dry, and make sure the snow is all tucked in on the inside.  
 Because I just didn't feel like they were finished yet and couldn't sleep, I decided to add a tiny bit more. Die cut some evergreen sprigs and berries from the Festive Bouquet Thinlits using silver Kraftstock...two berries and four sprigs plus another sprig for fill in if making two.  Adhere the berries to the extra branch pieces (these are supposed to be layered but I used them as two separate) using Collage Medium. Adhere the sprigs and berries to the top left corner of the box. Add a sentiment from the Christmas Sticker Book to silver Kraftstock, cut around and fish tail the end. Add sentiment to the top corner. Cut extra sprig for fill in around the sentiment. Use Platinum Stickles to add to berries and sprigs, and even add some to the lighted trees. Let dry. Now it's finished!

(Paper Trimmer, Die Cut Machine, Die Pick, Stamp Platform, Ruler, Pencil, Two Sided Tape, Scissors, Ink Blending Tool, Palette Knife, Hole Punch, Scotch Tape, Pliers) 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Heavystock: Kraft
-Sizzix Tim Holtz Thinlits (Christmas 2021): Paper Village #2, Festive Bouquet 
-Stamper's Anonymous Tim Holtz Stamp Set: Stripes and Holiday Type 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Paint: Picket Fence 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Gathered Twigs 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Collage Medium: Matte 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Archival Ink: Hickory Smoke 
-Sizzix Tim Holtz Bigz XL Die w/Framelits: Curio Box 
-Tim Holtz Idea-ology: Metallic Kraft Stock, Ring Fasteners, Woodlands Tree Lot, Tiny Lights, Christmas Velvet Trim, Christmas Sticker Book
-Sizzix Tim Holtz Multi-Level Texture Fade: Mini Kaleidoscope 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Opaque Grit Paste 
-Ranger Stickles: Platinum 
-Acetate, White Felt, Velcro, Silver Wire
Phew, that was long. Thanks for staying with me. I'll be back again with more Christmas makes soon. I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. These Village Collection ornaments are beautiful....Quite clever to use a stripe stamp to make it look like ssiding.

  2. These are so good - the wooden siding looks fab.
    Alison x

  3. These are so lovely, festive, and memorably magical. You have created an awesome mini sized winter wonderland village here, dear Anita.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life


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