Sunday, July 18, 2021

Tim Holtz Sizzix Chapter 3 2021 - Leafy Twigs and 3D Mini Roses in Rectangles Stacked Tiles Metallic Card

Hi All! Here is another card using the new dies from Tim Holtz and Sizzix. This one in particular, another metallic beauty, is made with the Leafy Twigs Thinlits, Rectangles Stacked Tiles Framelits (Yup, so good!), and the Mini 3D Roses Texture Fade. I am in love with how this card turned's like old school meets modern times to me. I like that combination, and I like that this can be given for so many reasons as there is no wording, just crazy shine and color lurking behind windows. Enjoy! 
Using the green tinted Metallic Confections Kraft Stock, trim a piece about the same size as the Leafy Twigs Thinlit. Die cut the thinlit, and use a die pick to help you remove all the inside pieces. Take a piece of blue tinted Metallic Confections Kraft Stock, uncut for now. Spray the back of the Leafy Twigs piece with Spray Adhesive (or use another that you like...just thought I'd try this out and I liked it) and then quickly lay this on the blue Confections piece and press over it with a paper towel to make sure the Leafy Twigs are flat. Remove the paper towel and use it to clean off any Spray Adhesive by softly rubbing over the pieces. The adhesive will rub off the metallic even when dry to leave the metallic nice and shiny. You can use Collage Medium for this as well, but I thought I'd try this and see how it worked on Metallic Kraft Stock, and I liked it a lot as the residue cleaned up perfectly as sometimes on Metallic cardstock I have a hard time with. Trim around the Leafy Twigs leaving a slight border of the blue to 4 7/16 x 5 5/8 inches. 
Cut a piece of the platinum Metallic Confections Kraft Stock to 4 5/8 x 5 7/8 inches. From the Retangles Stacked Tiles (There are five sizes, and I call them XL, L, M, Sm, and Tiny.) gather one XL rectangle, one L, one M, and two Sm. Using a ruler to help you, lay these as shown on the platinum Kraft Stock (on the Magnetic Plate to make things a little easier to die cut) so they are distrubuted evenly with about a 3/4 inch border around the edge, die cut side down. Run through your die cutting machine. If you are worried that the dies will move while cutting, use a little washi tape to help hold them down. Remove the platinum piece and the five rectangles inside and set them aside as you will use them later. Gather one L, one M, one Sm, and two Tiny rectangles, and have them ready to use for the Leafy Twigs piece. These rectangles will fit inside the rectangles you just cut. That is what makes these dies so great is that they nestle inside to create frames as well as solid rectangles. 
Lay the platinum piece over the Leafy Twigs piece to use as a guide, and looking from behind make sure the Leafy Twigs piece is centered with the platinum. Lay these down carefully on the Magnetic Plate, and use tape (that won't tear the cardstock) or sticky note to hold the pieces in place. Lay the one size smaller coordinating Rectangle Tiles in the center of the coordinating rectangle cut outs. The platinum piece is acting as a guide to make sure you center the smaller rectangles. You can remove the platinum piece once all five rectangles are on, but it makes it easier to just leave it in place. Run through your die cutting machine. (Note: If your cutting pads are really chewed up with die cutting lines it will make the marks on your platinum piece as mine did. This will be on the bottom so it will not be so noticeable on the card front, but if you have clean smooth pads use those.)
Remove the platinum piece from the top of the stack and mount on to slightly larger (4 7/8 x 6 inches) black cardstock with two sided tape. Mount this onto a kraft card base 5 x 6.25 inches. Ink the edges of the card base with Gathered Twigs Distress Ink and an Ink Blending Tool. Remove the rectangles from the Leafy Twigs piece and keep those for another project. Set the Leafy Twigs piece aside, and you are finished with the rectangles.
 Take the five platinum rectangles, and lay them inside the rectangle spaces on the card so you know which one goes where. Using the Mini Roses 3D Texture Fade, figure out where each rectangle will go on the fade so that you will see the whole image correctly once all are embossed. Place two rectangles at a time in the fade so there is plenty of room, and mist with water and run it through the machine three times. Do the next two, and then the last rectangle. Once all are embossed you should have the whole image if pushed together with a little over lapping which is fine. Add two sided tape to the center of the rectangles on the card and lay the correct rectangles in the spaces and press to adhere.
 Fill a Detail Water Brush with 91% Rubbing Alcohol to 'watercolor' (more like alcohol color) with Archival Inks. (You need a permanent ink on the slick metallic surface so 'watercoloring' with Archival is perfect for this. Make sure to empty and rinse your water brush of the alcohol when finished as the alcohol can erode the bristles over time.) Remove the silicon mat from the glass mat so you can see the white grid surface. Apply the Archival Ink directly from the pad onto the surface, and pick up with the brush and color in the raised areas on the Mini Rose. I used Picked Raspberry for the petals, Fossilized Amber for the centers and a little on the leaves, and then Peeled Paint on the rest of the leaves. If you get the color on somewhere you don't want just wipe away with a paper towel misted with a little alcohol. I purposely let the ink seep out for a more watercolor like look though. Once colored in, add foam tape to the back of the Leafy Twigs piece and adhere to the front of the card making sure there is an even border of platinum behind so that the rectangles match up. FYI, you can spray with Spray Fixative to make sure the ink stays bright year after year if you are displaying your card. The glass mat is easily cleaned up with more alcohol or hand sanitizer which contains alcohol.
(Paper Trimmer, Die Cut Machine, Die Pick, Paper Towel, Ruler, Tape and/or Sticky Note, Ink Blending Tool, Detail Water Brush filled with 91% Rubbing Alcohol, Glass Mat, Scissors, Black Foam Tape)
-Sizzix Tim Holtz Thinlits (Chapter 3 2021): Leafy Twigs 
-Tim Holtz Idea-ology: Metallic Confections Kraft Stock 
-E6000 Spray Adhesive
-Sizzix Tim Holtz Framelits (Chapter 3 2021): Rectangles Stacked Tiles 
-Ranger Surfaces: Kraft Cardstock, Black Cardstock 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Gathered Twigs
-Sizzix Tim Holtz 3-D Texture Fades (Chapter 3 2021): Mini Roses 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Archival Ink: Picked Raspberry, Fossilized Amber, Peeled Paint
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  1. Absolutely stunning, Anita and I am looking forward to see what you will do with the leftovers pieces……
    This is such a fun idea.

  2. Magnificently beautiful creation, Anita. It strikes me as being alike to a captivating love poem rendered in paper crafting form.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

  3. I have been holding on to my stacked tiles with a bit of makers block and this just gave me so many ideas! Thanks so much!


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