Wednesday, February 06, 2019

AFCI Creativation Recap #2 - The Sights

I'm back with the next and last post about Creativation...insert sad face...I miss everyone. Today is all about the booths I loved, and a few pics of some things I have to have. Even though I walked the show several times as it was fairly small, I have since found out from other friend's posts that I missed some good stuff. I must have been talking too much...another go figure. I was surprised that so many companies booth's were not as elaborately decorated as in the past. I guess it's cut back time. Here however, are my favs.

The Garden Shed at the Sizzix Booth:
This was my favorite booth for sure! All the samples were just absolutely fabulous! The little shed was a mecca of creativity and a treat for the eyes! Tim's designers knocked it out of the shed with their samples...pure joy!!! Even though there were no real flowers...I don't sure smelled like a flower nursery to me.

Oh how I love Ted and the they always have chocolate!!! More gorgeous samples of the stamps I love. 
 So many great cards showcasing Wendy's, Dyan's, Dina's, and Tim's stamps.

I was so happy to see Andrea's new line...a friend from my Simon Says Stamp and Show days.

The Tim Holtz Idea-ology Booth
You always know that this booth will be fabulous, and of course it was. Vintage goodness and a plethora of inspiration always abound here.

The Ranger Ink Booth
I know the peeps at Ranger were sick of me. I spent more time there than anywhere probably. There is always lots of goings on there, and of course the demos are always informational and fabulous!
I had the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th (from last year), and 9th samples on this to bottom and left to right. Tutorials will follow soon.
The last card sample is mine as well on this board.

While browsing around the show, I found something in the Belagio Enterprises Booth (website is only for customers...ugh) that I have to have for classes...Cork Fabric! It's totally real cork!!! You can do all kinds of things to it and it doesn't flake or pop off. It's the coolest stuff ever, and it comes in tons of different designs. I still have a hard time understanding the technology to achieve this. 
It's crazy...the flower, the lamp, the scarf, coasters, table skirt, and pillows seen here are all made from cork. My mind is swimming with ideas!

Alas, I'm out of more pics...I always forget to do that. I'll have to remember next year to photograph everything. Thanks for stopping by though, and I'll be back soon with a few Valenitne makes.
I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. Thanks for all the was great to see the some of the best parts of the show through your lens...

  2. Totally awesome all those samples, Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I wish I could have been there and see everyone too.

  3. It must be so amazing to see all of this in the flesh - thanks for sharing your photos and your experiences. One day... one day...
    Alison x

  4. WOW !!! I am so envious that you were there at Creativation it must have been fantastic to see xxx And thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of the booths xxx

    I am super excited with Tim's new releases xx
    Hugs Annie x

  5. I loved Tim's booths last year, it was so amazing to see them in real life but I think this year they might just have been better! Thank you for sharing more photos, it is always so lovely to see the amazing samples. Anne xx

  6. wow, that cork fabric! how the heck did they do that?


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