Tuesday, February 05, 2019

AFCI Creativation 2019 Recap #1 - The People

Whhhhhhhhhhhh!!! That's the sound of me blowing dust off of this blog! Sorry, it's been so long everyone. It's about time for me to recap the people, goings on, and sights of the AFCI Creativation a few weeks ago...finally.  I didn't even make the 100% decision to attend until about a week before the show, and I am so glad I did as it was an absolute fabulous week for me both professionally and personally. I took loads of photos, and still didn't get all the ones I wanted, but here are some of the peeps that fill my heart, and I hate that I didn't get pics of so many others...sorry.
Eileen Hull graciously invited me to stay with her and her minions at an AirBNB. All the ladies were wonderful, and we had quite a fun time when we were awake, and there wasn't much time for sleeping as we played and goofed off a bunch when not at the show. All together there were 10 of us staying at the house...it felt like college all over again!
Every night I attended some sort of dinner networking and visiting. This was the AFCI Designers Dinner, and there were a bunch of us. This was just one of four tables.
Several of us were leaving another dinner just for Bloggers...dinner number one, as there were two more after this. I'm telling you I ate so good in Phoenix, and the company and fun were sublime.
I demoed in the Photocentric Booth, showcasing my stamp line with WeCraft, everyday at the show. I forgot to get photos of my samples, but you can see parts of them behind me. Photocentric is the company that makes them, and Dom, the owner is so good to me.
I stole this photo from Esther...yikes. She was just a doll, and wanted to have her pic with me. Why I have my tongue hanging out of my mouth is beyond me. I talked to so many people while demoing, and have made more friends. My cup truly runneth over!
You may recognize the guy sitting down. This is James Burke, who was also demoing with me in the booth, and his Art Journals are the bomb! He has a fantastic line of stamps as well. He blew me away with his talent, and you all can expect some huge things coming from him! I am happy to have this new friend.
I am so proud to be an AFCI Designer. It has opened many doors for me. If you have the opportunity to join and grow your business and theirs, do so!
In the Designer Booth, the theme was Sharing the Creative Heart. We were asked to bring a piece of Art that contained a heart, told something about us, and was no bigger than 9x9. Remember her? I decided she fit the bill. She is old, but still hanging on.
This is me clowning around  (Go figure!) with the wings backdrop. I made everybody who walked by pose and really work it as I took their photo, even strangers! So FUN!!!
I believe I can fly!
There were four booths I was constantly stalking...not too hard to guess which ones...Ranger, Stamper's Anonymous, Sizzix, and Tim Holtz Idea-ology of course! This lady was probably sick of me as I stuck to her like glue it seems every chance I could. I just love me some Wendy Vecchi!
This is Simon Hurley, Ranger's newest Signature Designer. He is a doll people!
Oh you know I was never too far from these peeps! Each and every smile here warms my heart...aside from my own.
And here the girls (The ones left.) and I are on our last night together. I think I peed myself several times from all the laughter!
Along with Texas Trash and goodies for everyone I knew, I made these canvas ATC's for the roomies and a few Designer friends of mine. I came home with so many goodies as well...good thing I drove! I love my peeps!
I'll be back with one more Creativation post tomorrow... a long one. Thanks for stopping by! Until then...
I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. Looks like such a great time for all of you.

  2. Wow, looks like a wonderful time. Thanks so much for sharing xx

  3. Looks like you had a blast - so cool to see all the happy gatherings, and friends new and old.
    Alison x

  4. I had so much fun. Great recap of your adventures. I love you so much and geez you kept us all laughing. Until next year my sweet friend.

  5. Fabulous photos, pleased you had such an amazing time! xx

  6. It was fab!!! I loved all the goofing off and laughter. =) Til next year!!

  7. Whenever I need a laugh, I just look at your actions in the minion video. So glad I got to know you and see your incredible talent. Can't wait for next year.

  8. Fun to see your pics! Looks like a fabulous time and what fun to have roomies!


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