Saturday, January 28, 2017

CHA's Creativation 2017 Part 2

Welcome back. Today's post is all about the projects...mine and others from friends around the world... and booths I loved. The show seemed smaller to me, but none the less filled with inspiration galore. Grab some sustenance.  

The Ranger Booth:

I demoed in Ranger's Booth three hours a day...the lunchtime chair filler, and I am beyond happy to do it!!! Thank you Ranger and Tim!!! I showed Ranger's brand new Texture Crackle Paste, new Archival Inks and Minis, Pigment Inks, Dye Inks, and a variety of Surfaces. I had a ball and met so many wonderful people.  Check out the video below for some insight into the new Crackle Paste.

I made several samples for the booth this year. Here are some photos of them...sorry some are blurry...but I will have much more detail about them later.
Wendy Samples
There were 20 of us in Ranger's Tim Holtz Evolution of Distress Designer Challenge. Here is mine...more on that later. Thanks for the photo Marjie. Talk about some stunning pieces of artwork!
Here are some samples from last year that were still might recognize a few of mine.
 Stamper's Anonymous Booth:

All Tim Samples
Wendy Samples
Dyan Samples
Dina Samples
 Idea-ology Booth:

Idea-ology is always my favorite booth. The samples blew me away.

The Sizzix Booth:

Tim and crew outdid themselves this year in the Sizzix Booth. The top of his portion was unbelievable with giant sized laser cut pieces of his new City Scape Line...I was in awe!

Eileen Hull's Booth with Scotty:

Spellbinder's Booth with Seth Apter:

 American Crafts Booth with Vicki Boutin:

Pulsar Booth with Cross Stitch Style:

Paula sent me to this booth, and I couldn't get over the old wicker backed chair all cross stitched up. What a great idea for old furniture. It was stunning!

 The Crafter's Workshop Booth:


 The Spinrite Yarns Booth with Bernat

This was a huge booth, but on the side of it was a Bernat display that blew me away. It was a whole winter wonderland snow play area and warm cozy hideaway.
The whole fireplace, fire, and even logs and deer head were all crocheted.

Phew...that was a lot. Here is one more photo with a blog friend who just made my day. Thank you Cathy for the visit!!! 

My next post is about the products newly releases at the show that I just have to have...yikes!

I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. Such fabulous photos Anita!! Loved your video to! You are one very talented lady xx 😘

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my new releases here Anita. Glad we crossed paths there -- even if only briefly.

  3. Great photos! The Ranger booth looks incredible with all of those stunning samples.

  4. Such a fantastic post Anita!!! Thanks so much to share all your pictures! Your tag for Designer Challenge is one of my favourite, I love the color you've chosen! Barbara

  5. Totally fabulous photographs and video Anita xxx itmust have been amazing to see all these items in real life x is it open to members of the public or just for retailers?
    Looking forward to viewing more posts xx
    Annie x

  6. Thanks so much for another great Creativation post Anita! Wonderful samples and a great video too! My wishlist is growing by the minute!

  7. I have spent ages here today drooling over all the fabulous samples, thank you for sharing them! I loved your video too, need some of that crackle paste! Hugs, Anne xx

  8. Great video, you are such a natural in the demo booth! It was such a thrill for me to see you demo :)


  9. I loved the demo video! So much gorgeous eye candy! Thanks Beautiful Soul for sharing! Xo

  10. Everything looks amazing Anita! I can imagine how much of a buzz it would have been to be there! Thanks for sharing! Nicola x

  11. Fabulous post - nice to be able to linger over images, even though I also love the live tours, lol! Cannot wait to get my hands on that new crackle paste - love the possibilities you suggest! xx Lynn

  12. Thanks so much for sharing Anita - great for bringing back so many wonderful memories! What an absolute joy to finally meet my most favourite Size Zero - love ya! xx

  13. I'm only just catching up with all the Creativation inspiration, so this is a fabulous post to get me up to speed. I have seen some of Tim's videos, and I must say your giant tag was my out and out favourite from the Designers Challenge. Stunning! (I bet you wish you'd had some ready-cut Paper Dolls for it though!!) Thanks for sharing all these photos - looks like a great show again.
    Alison x

  14. WOW!!! What a HUGE post! I would have been so overwhelmed!! Your large tag was indeed by far my most favorite piece of all the pieces shown! Gorgeous!
    Thanks again for taking us along with you on your adventure Anita!

  15. love your project , cannot wait for those paper dolls ! what a wonderful post a real feast for the eyes !! xx hugs x

  16. wow! impresionada con tantas cosas bellas! felicidades!

  17. Loved the video can't wait to get my hands on some of the new stuff. What did you think about the new paper to replace manila?

  18. Those booths were gorgeous - thank you so much for sharing and bringing back such awesome memories. And man, can you demo! Amazing to see you in action xx

  19. Anita, what a pleasure to see you demo-ing! You are a natural, and your giant tag is simply amazing! Loved seeing your photos-net best thing to being there! Amazing samples you've highlighted here! Wish I had ordered that paste yesterday! Hugs!

  20. Wow, what fabulous photos, thank you Anita! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous projects for Creativation and your Designers Challenge piece was outstanding, loved it to pieces. Must get my hands on some of that Ranger Crackle paste, yet another must have on my ever expanding shopping list! Deb xo


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