Friday, January 27, 2017

CHA's Creativation 2017 Part 1

Hello everyone! I'm back from the fabulous creative journey known as CHA Creativation, which was held in Phoenix, Arizona this year for the first time. I drove the whole trip, and stopped at my mothers in New Mexico and stayed with my brother in Phoenix. The whole drive and experience and seeing my peeps was fantastical. Here are some photos of the drive and of course, the people who make my world a better place, and although I missed some people...Wendy Vecchi, Wendy Cusky, Karen Bearse, and Linda Ledbetter, sorry guys...I am so thankful to have seen my friends, and meet a lot of new ones. 
Right outside of where my mother lives is White Sands National Monument...a place I have been to more times than I can count. It's miles and miles of the most gorgeous brilliant white sand you have ever seen, and right in the middle of the desert...crazy. We used to go there on picnics and field trips when I was little.
Once I hit about 20 miles into Arizona, the landscape changed from flat desert to hilly rocky desert. There were rocks on top of each other,  and beautiful red striations. I'm not a desert girl...I like the mountains and hills...but I sure appreciate the different beauty.
My total there and back was about 26 hours, but with all the stops, sights, and people along the way, it went by so fast.
So then I made the convention center, and it was time to go to work. This year, I concentrated only on Ranger. Last year I was everywhere, and it was just so much, so this year, I slowed down and breathed it all in.
This is Colleen from Ranger, and this is us setting up.
This is us taking down. LOL...she is a blast!
Dina (who so graciously shared her demo space with me...thank you Dina!) and Mario
Tim doing his thing, and demoing his new Distress Oxides...a must have....more later.
This is Taylor, and she works at Ranger. She is the one who does those awesome hand lettering and embossing powder videos for Ranger. She blows me away with her talent, and she is a gorgeous person in and out.

Cheryl and Marjie
Deb, who I met for the first time in the flesh.
This globetrotter is Jenny, who traveled all the way from across the pond. We finally met in the flesh, and she did the utmost brilliant job demoing for my pal Eileen Hull in the Sizzix Booth. She was fabulous and knows her stuff!
Joy, her mother, and Richele. Joy and her mom did a fantastic job doing all of Tim's make n takes in the Idea-ology booth...which I didn't make time for :0(.  Richele demoed her heart out in the Sizzix Booth with Tim's goodies...a joy to see.
The ever talented Paula.
Super nice Seth who rocked new product.

Susie working away.
Dyan and Eileen
I wish I had more photos of the peeps. So many photos were taken, but sadly on another's phone.  Next post is about the booths and projects.
I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. HOLY AMAZING LAND!!!! i am so excited to see all you are willing to share with us!! miss you my friend

  2. You are an absolute doll!! I loved meeting you and am so sorry I fan girled so bad when I did!! LOL You are so amazingly talented and so genuine and kind! Meeting you was one of my Creativation highlights! :)

  3. Such a wonderful place! So good to see you

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these amazing photos Anita! Looks like an epic journey, both getting and being there. Lol for a moment I thought those white sand were snow! Great photos of all those lovely peeps and super to see some of my friends and teamies there too! Now I can't wait for the next installment....

  5. You rocked that booth!! Great photos Anita, I so wish I could of come over x

  6. Thanks for sharing all these Anita - so lovely to see! Can't believe you used picnic in White Sands - I visited several years back and was blown away by it! Nicola x

  7. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. I loved seeing them all. Can't wait for the next set of photos.

  8. Thank you soooo much for all the sharing....Love...LoVe....LOVE seeing all the people behind the scenes too!

  9. Loved seeing all you photos Anita, loved seeing your journey and nice to see all those lovely people! So thrilled you got to meet our wonderful Jenny too!! Hugs, Anne xx

  10. Super pics! I didn't realize you drove all that way. What a great adventure!

  11. Wonderful photos! The Arizona scenery looks amazing & it's great to see all the Ranger peeps. I'd been wondering who does those fab hand lettering videos, I'm very jealous of Taylor & her handwriting skills. ;-)

  12. Awesome photos, love the travel pics! Great seeing all the talented folks who make the show so special! So glad I got to see you there.


  13. totally fabulous photos and great to see so many of our friends...lovely to see Deb and Jenny there.

    TFS and hugs
    Annie x

  14. Those white sand dunes look amazing!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing Anita! Looks like you all had a blast!

  15. Awwwh bless ya! What a true treat to finally get to meet you for real at last - my favourite Size Zero - and what a golden heart you have. It shines through in all these photos and there's no surprise everyone wants to spend time with you. Thank you so much for sharing xx

  16. I can't believe the drive you took to get there; good for you! You are a better woman than I could dream to be! Loved seeing your photos along the way and of course, of the moments spent with crafty friends and colleagues at the show. Thank you for sharing your amazing time with us! I just love your energized personality which shines through in your photos! Hugs!

  17. Thanks for all of these wonderful memories Anita and it was so fabulous to meet you and so many others in person who I admire so much. Dreams really do come true! Deb xo


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