Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The Croppin Bug

Happy April everyone! Thanks for all the comments back in March. I had several posts...shocking I know...last month, and I appreciate all the love! I'm just back from the Houston area where I taught at the Croppin Bug, located in La Marque. Here are a few pics of the journey...and I do mean a journey...18 hours of driving there and back...but it was gorgeous all along the way since it's bluebonnet time. The only bad part was there was tons of traffic in the Houston area, and a car threw up a rock at me, and put a quarter sized star in my windshield! The words that came out of my mouth would shame a sailor...sorry Mom! Other than that, it was a great trip. Thanks for having me out Croppin Bugs!!!
My first class was an altered know the make up and toiletry kit of the month club...that we altered using Tim's Distress Mosaic Kit. Gotta use up the trash. I always kit on the floor...lots of space.
The calm before the storm on Friday afternoon.
All of the ladies boxes came out beautifully, and everyone was happy despite all the hard work.
Then Friday night, we had Make N Takes. I did a 15 minute class using Tim's new Collage Mediums, Distress Crayons, Distress Brushes, Ephemera, and Wendy's background stamps and Ranger Archival Inks. We barely made the 15 minute times up!!!

I had lots of samples of the technique to show them, and everyone made beautiful tags.
Saturday afternoon, I drove out to Galveston...I had never been see if I could get a good picture of the Bolivar Lighthouse, which was the subject of the next class I was teaching. Galveston is a beautiful place, despite the greenish water. There are tons of old antique shops and lots of places I needed more time to shop at.
That black pencil in the distance is the lighthouse. I would have had to take a ferry to get there, so this is the closest I could get.
Saturday night, I ate by the water at a famous local eatery called Top Water Grill. It was yummy!!!
Then Sunday, it was time for the lighthouse mixed media class using all of Dina's Media line. This was the first painting type class the Bug has had, so everyone was a little timid.
Here is the canvas.
Despite their trepidation, everyone had a wonderful time, and made beautiful paintings! It was such fun, and such lovely ladies!
I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. Beautiful canvas. Love all the scrummy details, wish I could get to go on a class like this Karen x

  2. What a fantastic venue! Get you so mega organised!! Looks like you are a top class tutor - well done to all those lucky ladies with their fab projects. What a long drive, would have loved to have been your co-pilot. Hope insurance covers the windshield - darn!! Nicola x

  3. Wonderful canvases! Love the colors, looks like a fun trip

  4. Oops, sorry to hear about the windscreen! You certainly do look incredibly organised in your classes - I really, really love the results of the lighthouse canvases, they are all beautiful, I would have been terrified to start one of those but your ladies really do look very happy indeed - lucky ladies! Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Oh wow - what fantastic Art works!!!! I wished i can be there to <3 It looks like a many fun. Hugs, Dagmar

  6. Oh my, great organisation for these classes by the looks of it, I bet they all had a superb time and what a great venue too!

  7. The next time you are in Galveston, take a detour to Moody Gardens, and the Moody Mansion. You won't be disappointed.

  8. OMG...I love your life. I think you're adorable and I absolutely LOOOOVE all the pictures. The ladies are precious, the projects are fabulous and Birch Boxes...oh yeah!!
    So sorry about the window...I would have sailored too.
    p.s.. Galveston is beautiful. I got my first period out there while on Church camp and we were just about to go into the water. Had to have my Sunday school teacher teach me about you know whats and whatnots. I 'sailored' that day too! LOL TMI? Bwhahahaha....

  9. Oh how I LOVED seeing these photos Anita. It just makes me smile to know you are sharing your fabulous talents and responsible for the smiles on these faces. Yes - you had a long drive - folks don't realize how big Texas is but you basically drove from near the top to the bottom!!! So sad to hear about your windshield but thankful you are safe - that's the important thing :) XXj.

  10. Wow, fabulous photos of your visit and classes, wish I could have been there xxx

  11. It looks like everyone was having a blast. I haven't attended an art retreat or class in ages, but they can be so inspiring. Blessings!

  12. your projects look amazing and the ladies look like they are having fun...clearly you had the most amazing time there.............Galveston....well now I can hear Glen Campbell sing the song !!!! the tags and canvas are awesome.

    Sending huge hugs.....hope the guys are enjoying the Masters........would love to go there some day too!!!

    Best wishes
    Annie xx

  13. Wow your photographs are so stunning and totally stole my focus from the fun time you had at the classes. That pink sky and the night lights reflecting on the water...WOW!! Great time it looks like! hugs and happy weekend :)

  14. Oh wow Anita! You've made a journey for sure! So glad to hear you had an amazing time teaching your classes! I wish I could take one some day! Hugs, Sandra


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