Friday, April 22, 2016

12 Tags of 2016 Remix - April

The year is truly flying by! I hope all of you are doing well, and enjoying some Spring weather! I'm doing especially well today, as it's my birthday!!! SO...I thought I would celebrate...a little early... by making Tim's April tag from his 12 Tags of 2016, and in doing so, make my own birthday tag! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA....silly huh?!! But I don't will be a nice memento of this year's new digits, and it's a new favorite for me! AND...I had left overs, so I even made a card.
I love the two tags Tim combined, as always, and love that he brought them up to speed to go along with some of his new products...genius! I had forgotten what my March, 2012, tag looked like, so I had to go back and see. It's interesting to see my growth as a crafter as well, when I look back at things like that. That is the beauty of this journey we all are on! There is always so much more to learn! Here is my tag from November, 2015, as was a favorite!
I just got Tim's new Dapper Bigz Die from Sizzix, and I had to give it a go with the Distress Mosaic Kit. Since the positive images of the die were smallish, I decided to fill it out by making a background silhouette for the gent. I also saved the negative piece, and ended up using it for the card.
I tried the palette knife first with the grout, but found my finger worked better at getting the grout where I wanted it.
I used lots of different papers from the Dapper collection as well to do the mosaic.
I decided to do the background woodgrain piece in several plank pieces, so I used lots of different colors.
I added lots of paint and ink to give the pieces a very distressed look.
I used Barn Door, Ground Espresso, and Antique Linen Distress Spray Stains for the background tag, and then stamped the new Ledger script in Antique Linen Distress Paint. I painted the numbers with Barn Door Paint and stamped the script on these too.
And here is the card.
What would we do without the tags?!! I hope we don't find out. I thoroughly enjoy doing them every month, and I know you all do too. Thank you Tim for all the hard work and inspiration!!!


I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. OH MY WORD ... this is beyond awesome, the details ... OMG; creativity at it's finest !! I bet Tim is grinning ear to ear seeing this !!!

  2. OMG awesome! Now I have to go buy that die...

  3. Happy Birthday, Anita! Aprilis the best month. Your tag is totally AWESOME and I had not seen that super fun die (must have!). Wishing you a memorable day!

  4. Happy Birthday! Anita Hope you have a lovely day .
    Your take on Tim's tag is absolutely fabulous . I love all the ways you have changed it up and made it your own. So inspiring .

  5. happiest of birthday's to you!!!!! YAHOO!!!!
    i have this die and haven't even opened it yet but now i want to!!! i absolutely love this the point it maybe actually be one of my all time favourite!!! the detail in his shirt...freakin amazing!!!!!

  6. Wow Anita, both tags look amazing! It's very ingenious using the dapper die! And I have to mention that they are beautifully made tags too - your skills and techniques developed a lot (like mine - hahaha). And at last but not at least I would like to wish a very happy birthday!!! (mine was 3 days ago). Hugs

  7. Well how very clever are you!! This is indeed a genius idea Anita, both tags look fabulous!! Happy Birthday too! Hugs, Anne xx

  8. Oh WOW o WOW o WOW, Anita! These tags are amazing! Love every detail on both of them! You're a genius to come up with it! I need to make mine, and I'm not really a fan of mosaic, but I absolutely love this! So thanks for the inspiration! Happy Birthday! Hugs, Sandra

  9. Happy belated birthday!! Love these tags, Anita - great take on the April Tim tag!! xx Lynn

  10. Anita you've amazed me, your work amazed me ! I'm in awe! Your tags are incredible , beautiful and sooooo original! I love them, technique is fabulous! thanks for sharing! Barbara

  11. These tags are amazing!! Love everything about these!! Especially the little details like the brads and the stitches. Great idea for fathers day cards.

  12. Wowow I love it, it's full of little details that make it very special.

  13. Anita,
    These are great tags. The mosaics are great and I love the wood plank backgrounds. The screw head fasteners really work nicely for the planks. And the sentiment for a mosaic tag is perfect. I hope you had a lovely birthday.

  14. Oh look... I don't know whether I didn't know our birthdays were so close together (I'm the 24th), or whether I'd just forgotten, but belated birthday greetings!
    Love your dapper mosaic men - what an inspired double take on Tim's April combo - brilliant!
    Alison x

  15. beautifully done. really amazing work!


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