Sunday, March 11, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Water Bottle

After Tim's cruise to Mexico, my bestie Paula and I stayed at a posh hotel where they served us water in this Christian Lecroix (fashion designer) designed bottle. We both fell in love with the bottle, so each purchased our own. I have been saving mine to do something crafty, but just had no pressing reason to get going on it until Simon Says Stamp & Show's challenge this week of "bottle it". I wanted to color my bottle somehow but didn't want to alter the wonderful white lace design by Mr. Lecroix, using Alcohol Ink on the outside, so my hubby gave me the idea of using Alcohol Ink on the inside of the bottle. HELLO!!! Why couldn't I think of that by myself? Talk about feeling like a dummy, but at least he got to feel important and appreciated (well...later on anyway).
After Pitch Black Alcohol Ink
I am the worst bow maker, but this gorgeous ribbon from the Funkie Junkie herself, Linda Coughlin (check out her Zibbit shop) will make anything look wonderful!
I was given this gorgeous label a couple of years ago by bestie Paula and have never used it, so I thought it would look wonderful on this bottle. I think some of you Ten Second Studio metal wizards could easily make something like this.

Bellemonde: Noble Initials Pewter Crest
From My Stash:  water bottle

I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. Talk about UP-cycling! Wow, this is gorgeous. Love the idea from your husband, I'll have to try that.

  2. It's gorgeous, Anita! And hubby gets big points for thinking up the AI usage.... way to go!

  3. I just LOVE that we gave you a pressing reason to get going on your stunning piece of art Anita ... absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for playing along with the team at Simon Says Stamp and Show this week!

  4. This is so cool, Anita! Love it! And how 'bout that DH of yours, suggesting using the AI's inside the bottle?!? Gotta love a guy who thinks like that!!

  5. Very cool bottle. Very clever of your DH to think of that indeed! It so stunning.

  6. Anita...way to "perk up" a bottle! It looks fantastic! Congrats to your husband for using his noodle to think of using Alcohol Ink on the inside!! Maybe there is another creative genius in your family waiting to come out?! haha Beautiful job on the bottle! Thanks for sharing it with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. <3 Candy

  7. What a clever hubby you have! The bottle looks fantastic.

  8. So love the after bottle, so amazing! Great alteration and love the trims!! BTW, alcohol inks work well inside any glass. I have added them to ornaments! Happy Tuesday!


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