Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SteamPunk Tag Swap Arrivals!!!

I just got home late last night from New York City, where I attended Debby Schuh's class and tour of the City. It was a fantastic time, but more on that later. When I saw the very large pile that was my mail, I wearily noticed a padded, manila colored envelope sticking out from the bottom of the stack. I knew instantly that it was all the tags from the All Things Tim SteamPunk Swap. Talk about impressive! I am in a group with the most amazingly talented people! You can see for yourself.
Elena Vigil-Forinas (Amazing bright color!)
Eileen Bellomo (Inspiring and the color and texture were fantastic!)
Jason Melford Pettigrew (WOW!!! Phrase, texture, and color are amazing!) 
Susan Fraser (Detail upon detail, and so many components and textures...WOW! And the charm is impressive! Loved the envelope too...so classy!)
Gloria Alexander (Holy cow...all the layers were phenomenal! A real piece of art!)
Lisa Suri Peralta (Your first tag ever was spectacular! The balloon with all the stitching and rosettes is a WOW!!!)
Lynn Potocki (Your innovation is to be applauded! Loved all the metal and detail. Also...the charm was dislodged, probably in shipping, so I tried to reconnect it best I could and I added a jump ring and safety pin. I apologize because I know I goofed it up, but the pieces of the charm were great, especially the watch part eye!)
Mine again.
Thank you so much everyone for sharing your very creative and beautiful artwork! I am thrilled to have received it!


  1. These are all amazing aren't they? So much talent on the ATT group. I was amazed with my returns as well. I can't wait to see your Grungy Monday this week :) You always do something so cool.

  2. what a fantastic swap!! that's inspiration to keep you going for weeks!


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