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Stamper's Anonymous Halloween 2022 - Exquisite Gothic Tapestry Painted Halloween Card

Hi Everyone! Here is my second make from the Tim Holtz Stamper's Anonymous Halloween release, that so many of you have asked about. Thank you truly for all the kind words. This card was made with the Exquisite and Gothic Tapestry Stamp Sets. I tried to give it a metal pieced look with embossing and Distress Paint, and while I wasn't sure if it was gonna turn out the way I wanted, I was pleased with the elegant look accompanied with a little macabreness (if that's a word). Enjoy!
Cut a piece of Specialty Stamping Paper (SSP) from Ranger to more than fit the skull image from Gothic Tapestry. Do the same with a piece of Black Kraftstock. Place the SSP inside the larger Stamping Platform and place the skull image on it leaving a slight border of paper around the image. Close the lid to secure the stamp. Stamp the image using Black Soot Archival Ink. Remove the paper and dry with a heat tool as SSP always need a little drying as the ink stays wet awhile. Leave the stamp in place on the platform for the duration of the card making, and lay a paper towel in the platform and close it while pressing the stamp to remove as much of the ink as you can or blot lightly with the paper towel. It does not need to be perfectly clean. Reink the stamp with Glacier White Pigment Ink this time, and place the Black Kraftstock in the platform. Stamp the image, focusing more on the border around the skull for crispness. Remove and dry. Leave the stamp in place on the platform, and carefully pat away as much of the white ink as you can on the stamp using a damp paper towel without moving the stamp. Leave the stamp in place on the platform for later. 

Cut a piece of SSP to more than fit the bouquet image from Exquisite. Place the SSP inside another Stamping Platform and place the bouquet image on it leaving a slight border of paper around the image. Close the lid to secure the stamp. Stamp the image using Black Soot Archival Ink. Remove the paper and dry with a heat tool.  Leave the stamp in place on the platform for the duration of the card making. (If you don't have another Stamping Platform, then save this part for last after you've finished with the skull.)
Paint in the images on all three paper using Distress Paint. You don't have to paint in the skull on the black or the border areas on the SSP with the skull. I started with Twisted Citron and Rustic Wilderness and did all the leaves. I also only selected  a few of the flowers on the Exquisite that I thought I would use.
I used Kitsch Flamingo and Picked Raspberry for the flowers on both the skull papers, with Squeezed Lemonade centers. 
Shake up the Distress Decayed Mica Stain, and pour a little out on the silicon mat. Pick up with a detail paintbrush and paint in the areas of the frame on the black paper and any shaded areas and details that you like. Paint in the shaded areas on the skull on white paper. Paint in the rest of the skull in the white areas with Antique Linen Distress Paint. Let everything dry.
Paint in the roses on the Exquisite paper with Mustard Seed Distress Paint. Paint the other flowers that you want on the Exquisite paper with Crackling Campfire, Dried Marigold, and Saltwater Taffy Distress Paints. Let dry. 
Pounce an Anti-Static Pouch over the Exquisite paper and then place in the platform. Stamp with Black Soot Archival and then immediately pour Gold Embossing Powder over it. Shake off excess and flick the paper underneath a bit to get a little more off and then heat emboss. Place the Exquisite back in the platform and this time just rub the Black Soot Archival pad over the stamp to just barely add ink. Stamp this over the embossed flowers. You will still see the gold embossing but now the light ink will highlight the images even more for a cool metallic mottled look. Dry this. Repeat the same with both skull papers (an Anti Static Pouch is a must for both of these) heat embossing with the Gold powder, but focus on the border with the Black Kraftstock and the skull on SSP, remembering to flick some of the excess off. If you get powder on the areas that will not be seen just use a brush to wipe the powder off before embossing. Like before, rub the pad of the Black Soot Archival over the stamp and then stamp the image so that there is just a bit of black ink on the gold embossing for a mottled metal look on the skull brings out the image a little better over the embossing as well. Dry both. 
Cut the skull out from the SSP. Ink the edges with Black Soot Archival and add foam tape to the back. Take the Black Kraftstock skull and use the Deckle Trimmer to cut around it. Take the script image from the Exquisite set or use the one from the Tapestry set and using Glacier White Pigment Ink, randomly stamp the image in the blank spots and borders of the Black Kraftstock skull, using some sticky note to help you not get any where you don't want it. Dry. 
Cut out the flowers from the Exquisite and ink the edges in Black Soot Archival. Use Collage Medium to adhere the orange flowers to the black skull paper and adhere the yellow roses to the white skull. Ink the edges of this with Black Soot and then mount onto white cardstock or SSP using two sided tape. Mount that onto black cardstock with a thin border and the onto pink Metallic Kraftstock with a thin border, and then finally onto a Kraft Cardstock base card cut and folded to 5 3/8 x 6 3/4 inches. Ink the edges of the Kraft with Black Soot Archival. Remove the backing from the foam tape on the skull and adhere it to the front of the card matching it to the one underneath.

(Paper Trimmer, Stamp Platform, Heat Tool, Glass Mat, Detail Paint Brush, Water Mister, Anti-Static Pouch, Scissors, Deckled Trimmer, Ink Blending Tool, Two Sided Tape, Foam Tape) 
-Ranger Surfaces: Specialty Stamping Paper, Kraft Cardstock 
-Tim Holtz Idea-ology: Black Kraftstock, Metallic Colors KraftStock
-Stamper's Anonymous Tim Holtz Stamp Set: Gothic Tapestry, Exquisite 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Archival Ink: Black Soot 
-Ranger Pigment Ink: Glacier White 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Paint: Twisted Citron, Rustic Wilderness, Kitsch Flamingo, Picked Raspberry, Squeezed Lemonade, Antique Linen, Mustard Seed, Crackling Campfire, Saltwater Taffy, Dried Marigold 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Mica Stain: Decayed 
-Ranger Embossing Powder: Gold 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Collage Medium: Matte
A huge thank you for all the kind words on the Live and on Instagram about this card. I so so so appreciate you all. Until next time, I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!

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  1. Love your Gothic Tapestry Skeleton card! I sure does have the right amount of "macabreness"'s perfect! Thanks for sharing!


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