Friday, October 12, 2018

The Halloween Ravens

Hello everyone, especially all the crafty Halloween lovers! Today, I finally have photos of what I've been working on for awhile, as the weather here has been rainy and cloudy for days, and no pictures could be made of my new obsession - these crazy Halloween Ravens made with tons of Tim Holtz Idea-ology. I saw some birdies all dressed up for Halloween in a magazine (can't remember which one) a few years ago and just loved them, so when I saw some birds at the dollar store, I purchased a a whole flock of them. I have made so many I had to start giving them away, except for these...all mine...and they love to wander and party all over my house! They are so super easy to make, and I can whip one out in about 15 minutes. Make some for yourself! Enjoy, and come back again tomorrow for another Halloween make. 
Heckle is always front and center, and his buddy Jeckle is never far behind. There is always a party when all the Ravens get together, and they are never hard to find!
Aren't they so darn cute?!! They are addicting to make so be ready to make more than one, and any type of bird (so many available at this time of year) will probably work.These wooden types are about 5 inches tall. I have a few more birdies left for other mind is wandering now...and I cannot wait to dress them up too.
I used the largest Framelit in Tim's Sizzix Stitched Circles to die cut with the new Idea-ology Halloween Paper Stash. Each circle will make two hats, because you cut them in half. I rolled one up (straight side will go around the head) to see how tight it needs to be to fit around the bird's head. Then I added a piece of two sided tape to a little more than half on the edge of the straight side. I smushed and crinkled up a 1.5 inch piece of Idea-ology Halloween Fringe, and laid it in the middle of the straight edge of the hat. I cut about a 4 inch piece of wire, and curled one side up for a better hold, and then laid that in the middle of the Fringe. I rolled up the hat tightly making sure it fit the bird and Fringe was hanging out properly, using the two sided tape.
I added glittered bats to the end of the wire, and then added Idea-ology Tinsel Twine around the base of the hat with more tape.
I colored an Idea-ology Halloween Token with Sunset Orange Alcohol Ink from Tim and Ranger, added a Jumpring to it, and put it on another piece of Tinsel Twine that fit around the bird's neck loosely. I smushed and crinkled more Fringe, and wrapped it around the bird's neck using tape, and then tied the Tinsel and Token around the neck, making a knot.
To make the socks, I cut pieces off of a drinking straw the same length of the legs, and slit the straws lengthwise down the middle so they wrapped around the legs. I added two sided tape over the straws, and then wrapped alternating colors of Idea-ology Materialize Design Tape around the straws. The two sided tape makes it much stickier for the Design Tape to stick to as the straws are very slick. Once the socks were on, I added more tape to the inside of the hat, and stuck it onto the Raven's head, and alive he came.
I used the same goods to make black and cream versions as well. These are my favorite, and they think they are the Rat Pack instead of the Raven Pack. From left to right, meet Deano, Sammy, and Frankie! Man oh man can they sing!!!
Deano is a sly one and loves to play tricks. He loves the ladies and invites them to mix.
Sammy can dance even better than he sings, and his feet move faster than even his wings.
Frankie sings so beautiful it makes tears run down your cheeks. When the ladies hear him they go weak in the beaks.
Here's Jeckle, to tell you to remember to come back again tomorrow, as these Ravens caused "him" so much sorrow.  Can you guess what it is?!!
I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. Oh my goodness Anita, these Ravens are just the most adorable Ravens ever!! You have really brought them to life with your decoration, I have to keep scrolling up and down to take them in.... Your Raven flock is just fabulous, love, love, love them so much! Hugs, Anne xxx

    Pinned !!!!

  2. These are really awesome Anita! What a fabulous flock of party goers! The fringe is such a great addition and I love seeing the different crews! I can’t decide which is my favorite! Love this creative idea and I bet the recipients were thrilled with these crafty creatures! Halloween decorations are some of my favorites! I am inspired to deck out a few birds! thanks for sharing! xxx

  3. OHEMGEEEEE... these are fantastic! Oh fingers crossed I have time to make some. Just brilliant! You are always such an inspiration !!! MWAH...

  4. Ahhh! I love these guys and their silly back story too. Great detail. My favorite part is how you made their little legs.

  5. These are undoubtedly the happiest party ravens that I’ve ever seen!!!! So FABULOUS!!! Their party hats and legs, and their names...LOVE IT! I think my favorite is Jeckle!!!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful inspiration, can’t wait to see many other birds all dressed up! ♥️ Hugs!! Stacy

  6. Wow!!!! Love your ravens.
    So creatieve.

  7. Okay I may have to go get some ravens ... too adorable Party over here ... Hey !!! those hats and socks OMG !!! Tim much be grinning from ear to ear !!!

  8. too much fun - I think I finally understand Raven's & their silliness!

  9. What an amazing flock of birds. They are adorable. Love how you thought outside of the box.

  10. Oh Anita! How delightful!!! They just make me giggle looking at them!


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