Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Enchanted Spells Halloween Manor

Hello All! I'm back with another Halloween project, made with a plethora of Ranger and Tim Holtz goodies. I apologize for the photos...I'm on the road and dealing with a house flooding, and brought this to work on between moving furniture and drying things out, and like a dummy I forgot my computer, so no photo editing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, as I had SO MUCH FUN making this! Beware of tons of photos, and Welcome to Enchanted Spells Manor!!!
To make the manor, I began with Woodgrain Cardstock, and rubbed Antique Linen Distress Ink over the whole thing to bring out the woodgrain.
I cut the Woodgrain Cardstock into 3/8 inch strips, and inked the edges with Hickory Smoke Distress Ink. I covered a sheet of Heavystock Distress Mixed Media Cardstock with a double sided adhesive, and then stuck the strips on, so it will look like siding for the manor.
I used the black Deco Sheets for the roof...always my go to for roofs.
I die cut the rest of the manor pieces using these dies, and inked the edges of everything with Jet Black Archival, and then I assembled with Multi Matte...another go to. I hate using a glue gun for some reason. I added acetate for windows, and dows for the pillars. I also added a Witch in the upper most window...spooky!
I made the sign with popsicle sticks and remnant rubs onto more Woodgrain.
I painted the stacked pumpkins with Distress Paint, and painted and glittered the foliage. I had a skeleton charm in my stash and painted him too.
I purchased a lighted apothecary cloche at a craft store...don't remember which...and starting getting crazy. I spray painted the inside lightly with black spray paint, and then adhered in Twisted Edge die pieces. I needed a top handle to make things easier, but the Vignette Finial had a flat bottom and the dome was rounded, so I drilled a few holes into the bottom, and used an angled sanding bit on my dremel to make a perfect fit. I have to say I am so proud of that...lol!
Here is the finished dome...I LOVE how it came out. Then I started adding everything to create the scene, a cork base, shredded newsprint, bones, an owl, and more rubs. The lights are wired, so I just bunched them around the manor, and they stay put.
I want to THANK all of you who commented on my new stamp line! I was blown away, and the support and encouragement means the world to me. I am feverishly working on samples for them, so stay tuned for that! Until next time...


I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. Wow, what a fantastically spooky scene you have created.

  2. Wow Anita, this is amazing!!! I love every detail!!! Mainly the sign made of popsicle sticks and the black and white pumpkins!!! Actually I love the whole design!!! The glass cloche became fantastic too!!! I love it when it's lit up!!! xx

  3. this is simply amazing!! oh my gosh i have no words really! so much fun stuff happening!

  4. This is truly amazing! So fun to look at every inch of it. Hoping things are going better for you, hang in there. Hugs

  5. This blew me away! I love all of those details you added, the witch in the window looks so spooky and those pumpkins are so fun! Love the sign...oh so many wonderfully creative pieces to this! As always, your work is so fabulous and utterly inspiring! Thanks for sharing and I do hope that everything at home gets back to normal as soon as possible!

  6. this is so cool!!!! I love all the little details!

  7. Oh my word ... this is spooktacular Anita ! I'm sitting here all giddy enjoying the details... you ROCKED THIS ... love the roof, the sign, the character in the tower ... the texture of the doors MY, MY, MY . Oh and the skeleton chillin' in the front , so cool !!!

  8. Wow, wow, wow Anita, I absolutely LOVE this spooky house, it might just be my favourite spooky house this season so far, it really is incredible!! I love domes and the sprayed black in yours looks fantastic and the lighting reminds me of lightening - perfect for Halloween. Pinned!!!

    Sorry I missed your post about your stamps, but huge congratulations!! Hugs, Anne xx

  9. I don’t even have words! This is so crazy creative and perfect in every detail. Siding. What? Who makes woodgrain siding with 3/8” strips of paper? You do. The painted pumpkins are my favorite. And dear husband is very impressed with your roof. (He’s been a roofing contractor for 33 years!) I am most impressed with the fact that you drilled into glass and it worked. And all this in the middle of dealing with burst pipes! This is bow down fabulous! Such an inspiration!

  10. Anita it's absolutely outstanding! as always your creativity is incredible! Masterpiece! Barbara

  11. Wow what a house! I have this die but haven't cut it as I don't know when I'd have the time to do it. I'm saving this post so I have the pictures and the notes. Wonderful job! My daughter would love this as a gift if I ever get to it.

  12. Girl -- you a dremel master!! You have every right to be proud of that altered cloche. Unbelievable. I am so blown away by everything!!!!!!! I had to pick my jaw up off the floor way too many times on this piece. My goodness ... how you did this with the stress of travel and a flooding house is beyond me. One of my favorite Halloween pieces ever. ME


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