Sunday, December 18, 2016

Assemblage Deer Ornament

Are you sick of me yet? ;0) Today, I'm back with some crazy for a special friend and one for me...I have to keep something!!! These ornaments are over the top...almost look a little too wedding day like...but were oh so fun to make and fun to scavenge my stash to find the perfect bits. Sorry for the bad photos, they were so hard to photograph...too many focus points.
A little backstory...I went junking and found two mason jars filled with jewelry for $5.00 each. I thought why not and purchased them. When I sorted everything out...I LOVE to do that...I found all kinds of amazing things. First, lots of things were real gold and sterling silver...well worth the $10. Second, there were tons of antique buttons. Third, almost everything had matches. And, there were even some Tim Holtz Idea-ology finds in the jars...go figure. SCORE! The possibilities are endless for projects. So I took several of the items to make these ornaments.
I had some DoCrafts Ornament balls in my stash as well, and I spray painted them an ivory color. I decided to use these items from the new jewelry stash above and give them new life.
I connect everything, I thought wire was best, but I wanted it a bit more detailed, so Eileen Hull's new Twist & Style Tool from Sizzix came in handy. I twisted about 6 yards of wire to hold the ornaments together and connect pieces...hard to see in the photos, but it's there.
I punched Tim Holtz's Large Seal with his Metallic Gold Kraft Core to use as end caps for the ornaments. I cut a small slit in the seals so I could overlap them and give them a more spherical fit for the ornaments. Then I started adhering a punch of the jewelry on top of the ornaments with hot glue, and added more from my Idea-ology stash. I dangled something off of everything I could. Crazy, but gorgeous.
To make the deer in the dome, I punched a whole in the metal base dome and attached a ring fastener. I covered that up with felt cut to fit the base, then glued the deer in. Once dry, I filled the dome with Distress Glitter, and glued it on...upside down until it dried. It's so cute!
Thanks for looking, and again, sorry about the photos. Next up, my Tim tag for December. Until then, happy Christmas movie watching!


I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. There were so many things to look at! Absolutely amazing, a real heirloom piece. I LOVED that tiny deer in the dome.

  2. beautifully elegant from a couple of jars of that there were some tim bits in it as well!!! treasured by the receiver i am sure xox

  3. What an amazing find! And your ornament is spectacular Anita! xx

  4. fabulous find and fantastic how you've put the pieces together.

  5. Score! Is right- love a great find as well!
    Your ornies are just decadent! and absolutely you had to keep one for yourself! What beautiful makes Anita!
    hugs,Jackie xx

  6. I can see exactly how much fun you had scavenging like a magpie (not a raven - which is how I always say your blog to myself when I'm on my way - the artful maven raven haven - sorry, just me, probably!) through your stash to create these wonderful ornaments. Another post full of inspiration!
    Alison x

  7. Nope, not sick of you at all - and is an ornament ever over the top - not in my book! Love these gorgeous ornaments. Those mason jars were certainly a fabulous purchase - you have taken all those bits and pieces and created gorgeous, opulent and very decadent ornaments. The little deer in the domes are just the icing on the cake. LOVE!! Hugs, Anne xx

  8. I can't begin to tell you how absolutely gorgeous this is! I'm about to plunder through my odd & ends stash. Thank you for the inspiration!

  9. Are you sure someone didnt make the dome specially for you? No wonder you couldn't resist! A terrific ornament Anita, you are sooo inventive. Nicola x


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