Friday, July 01, 2016

Crushing On Me!!!

Hello and happy July everyone! Today, I am super excited to be Cheryl Boglioli's Artist Crush! She has asked me a bunch of questions, so hop on over to her website to see what I have to say. Also, since she asked me a bunch of questions about my studio...or the Crafty Cave as I call it, I thought I would take some photos of ALL of it, and here they are. Don't judge!!! I am an artwork and craft supply hoarder! Mediums make the I have to have them all!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It's super organized though, but all in a very compact space! Hey...whatever it takes! It makes me happy! A big thanks to Cheryl for having me!!!
I have about a 10x10 foot space to work in, but I also have a storage room about the same size to house class materials in. Yes, this is crazy tight, but I love it. You will see lots of red things here.
My husband bought me this awesome industrial working cannot be destroyed! Look at all that Washi Tape! I love those old jars...more on those below. The old sugar jar with red lid holds mints in case of bad breath...from the!!!
My work space is small but mighty. Look at that chocolate waiting for me to create my next project! That's rare! Behind those test tubes of red roses and white daisies, is a large wooden red box that houses all of my Ranger tags, and ATC's ready to be created. I love those old large glass jars with red lids. They hold some of the ribbons that I use most. Then I have sever hatboxes filled with more ribbon...yikes. They are hidden in my house, but disguised as decor! ;0) I house my Tim tag of the month on the metal hanger...great for inspiration. Then, there are berry baskets of Color Burst.
This shelf holds all my tools, Distress Inks that stay home, Stencils from Tim and Wendy, pens, markers, color pencils, charcoals, chalks, crayons, Gelatos, plus a lot of art. I have lots of red pins to store them all in.
Art fills every inch of space! I LOVE that! More on that below. I have tons of beads and knobs in the wooden drawers, and the black cabinet houses all of my Tim paper, and vintage ephemera...I have A LOT of that!
This shelf holds all my Tim stamps, and of course more art up top, and books published by my friends that I love to peruse.
This shelf holds all my wooden stamps, tissues, Dremel, irons, glue guns, and all things fav...and oil paints and sticks. On top are several things I've made and gifts from friends too.
The bottom industrial cabinet matches the desk...also a gift from hubby. The top has all my Sizzix Machines, and the inside all of my dies and embossing folders, and all the special papers that I use to die cut with sometimes.
It looks messy, but all the dies are alphabetical by theme. The cabinet is huge and you can't see all the red baskets behind, but honestly, I could use another...yikes!
The Idea-ology Cart houses all of my other Ranger Mediums from Tim, Dina, and Dyan. The two Ikea Carts house all my Wendy stamps, in order by number, and the other more stamps from Yvonne Blair and supplies, plus all of my art journals. You can't see it, but there is a cart next to these that holds all of my stencils from TCW. The red metal suitcase houses a project or two that I am about to take on's the traveling project suitcase!
The three tiered automotive lazy susan, holds all of my Deco Art Media, Faber Castell, and Tsukineko goods. The red metal box of drawers hold all of my metal...the Idea-ology goodies and metal pieces picked up while traveling! Then I have several glass jars filled with all sorts of objects...I LOVE sorting out all the things that are in well as collecting more for classes. Then there are mounds of buttons.
Underneath all of that are bins filled with supplies...embossing powders, Stickles, Alcohol Inks, tapes, glues, ephemera, you name it.  And, all of my Wendy mediums are in there.
This wall used to have all of my 12 Tags from Tim, but now I have too many to put up there. You can barely see the pics of my kids peeking through. Then I have a spinner of ATC's and tags all given to me by friends and people on crafty trips. Maybe you can see one you've given me.
Then  I have a shoe houses more Tim tags, and technique cards. It covers up my beautiful French Doors...oh well! Then of course there is more art, and a piece with my bestie in it!
This is my favorite little space of art goodies. This space speaks to me more than any other...I LOVE all of it!
This old lamp, given to me by my hub's Grandparents is all metal, so it holds goodies and lots of magnet stuff. Those are two of my favs hanging from it, and a leather crown top it all.
The red cloth bins house all my paper that I couldn't part with yet, and all my Ranger substrates.On top of those are my bins filled with Dina and Dyan stencils and stamps. I found this old mini trash can at an antique store. I LOVE it!!! Not pictured to the left of this, is an antique basket cart filled with art magazines that I have saved for particular reasons, and tons of Canvas Corp Textiles and mediums. Also not shown is my demo kit, housed in a very large wooden tool chest...yikes, don't get me started on it!
Well, now you've gotten a glimpse into my crazy art world and my crazy mind! Do you want to come over and play, because I have space...somewhere?!! Thanks for all the comments everyone, and thanks for visiting my Crafty Cave! And again, no judging! I'll be back soon!
I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon! -Anita


  1. I can feel the creative energy in these photos...and the joy that art brings to your Beautiful Soul. Sorry I haven't been by much lately. It's been a hectic time getting settled and family birthdays and lots of company. I've decided that buying a new house is a lot like having a new baby. Everyone wants to come by for a peek. You've never been far from my thoughts, though! Hugs and love!!!

  2. WOW! I thought I had way too many art supplies and tools, but I was wrong. Your studio is mesmerizing with fountains of creative possibilities. I love your "favorite little space of art goodies" too, and find it very inspirational. Have a blessed 4th of July weekend, my friend!

    1. Me too. Lol I don't have 1/2 of this craft room.

  3. inspiration everywhere! I love it & see some pieces I recognize!
    you do...make ar!

  4. Fabulous space..something to look at around every corner and in every nook and cranny! Love the use of all time fave color! I see a few antiques I'd love to have in my space! Thanks for sharing!

  5. HOLY smokes!!! I want to come play in your room!!! lol...It is like an artsy dream...I LOVE that you have incorporated all your art in there too!!! Fabulous room for a fabulous girl and artist!!! You have inspired me to get a little more organized...mine is a wreck right now!!!!
    Thanks for sharing...LOVE it!!! and love you!!!

  6. Oh I would love to come and play, but it might just take a good few hours just to look at everything in your studio!! I loved the interview, it was great to learn more about you and your creative process. Oh yes, I will never, ever say I have too much stuff in my craft room ever again - lol!!! Hugs, Anne xx

  7. Wow! What a wonderful place to play....but I'd need at least a week so as to be able to check out all the amazing stuff you have on show before I could even think about getting inky/painty! Have a great holiday weekend.


  8. Holy moly Anita !!!! I could happily spend a week in here exploring, just need you to drop off food and beverages now and again! (more than mints and m&ms). Having got over my inital shock, I can see that it all is in fact really well organised. I cant figure out tho how you access your desk, are gymnastics involved?? Most of all, your BRILLIANT creativity, artistry and energy flow from every little nook and cranny, and bottom line is that I LoVe it! My faves are the leather crown (???? What is its provenance???), the vintages beautiful black/brown file covers that hold your Tim stamps and the statue with crown and cross. What in God's name would Freud make of it all?!?! Hope you are in there crafting right now. Thank-you for sharing your fantastic cave! Will pop over now for interview. Happy weekend! Nicola x

    1. There is about 4 feet of space between my chair back and the sizzix cabinet, so I do fit, but I have to mind my!!! The leather crown I made with Cheryl Darrow, of Ten Second Studio, at a birthday party, using VerDay Paints...I totally love it. The covers on the stamp albums are from Tim's Idea-ology. I am not sure if they are discontinued. They make it all look neat and tidy though. The baby, cross, and crown are a Biblical reference...maybe not referenced well, but not Freudian!!! Thank you so much for your awesome comment! Cyber hugs!

  9. From a fellow artwork and craft supply hoarder, I LOVE your space! It's charming and I really enjoyed looking through everything along with your descriptions! Thank you for sharing this unique part of your life with us. Craft on!

  10. I LOVE IT!!! This reminds me of my first studio in TX... Love all the goodness you've packed in for inspiration and creativity. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  11. What a happy space. My eyes are bugging out at all the red things (my fave color)! LOL. I even have an old coffee jar with a red lid that looks similar to yours.

  12. Your space is amazing! I still need to see it in person though! :-) Love you, girlie! You are amazing


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