Sunday, October 18, 2015

Encaustic Animals!!!

A few weeks ago I put out a post on my Facebook Page that I was going to my daughter's High School to teach Art classes for the week, and I promised photos. Well, the week turned into two days, and three days the following week due to the children's sports and activities schedules. I didn't want to rush them to finish, so I offered to give them more time before I came back to finish them up. I'm so glad I did that because they blew me away. I think I learned more from them than they did from me. It was a fabulous experience, and I will definitely do it again. Everyone did a bang up job, and their behavior was wonderful...that was the part I was worried about, but all for nothing. They are a great group of kids, and so talented.  I am so glad my daughter made me go ;0)...and I am so thankful to her exceptional Art teacher Mrs. McClaine for inviting me!
So as promised, here are a few photos. I couldn't take a picture of each piece (90+ children), but I have some of the pieces that really stood out.
This is a super calm and clean photo! This was one of the first classes, so everything was still neat and tidy, and the students were eerily quiet. After six classes, there were Faber Castell Gelatos everywhere, and even color on the floor. It was the most beautiful mess, and loud mess! I told them they could go for an Andy Warhol type vibe, but each person took from what I taught and went their own way. That is what I like the most! Nothing could have made me happier.
I gave each student eight choices of animals for them to use, and this rack held all the canvas boards. It was such a great way to store them. I might need one.
Only these six didn't quite get finished before I left. They only have the last two steps to go, but so far they were amazing.
Lots of the kids gave their animals names. We called this one Blaze the Cat! This photo doesn't do her justice.
LOVE this horse!
This pig was colored so wonderfully!!!
So cool!
That purple orangutang was precious!
Cute cute cute!
This is Mrs. McClaine's. I love the colors she used!
This is one I was demoing along the way. It's not my favorite, as I had to go real fast, but it's still cute.
And here is the original I made that inspired the class, and in turn they inspired me much much more! They lit an excietment bug under me like I haven't felt for a long time. I truly LOVE my job!!! It's so rewarding.
Thanks for looking, and for all the comments, and as always, I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. These are so cool, Anita! What lucky kids! I remember how much art classes meant to me when I was in school. It was wonderful of you to share your time and talent with them!

  2. These kids are amazing, as are you for bravely going forth to teach!

  3. Wow!!! Amazing art! What a great thing to do, bet they all had a ball doing this! xx

  4. I think I could just sit here and scroll up and down all day.... what a fantastic array of wonderful art.. so very impressive... definitely some artists in the making there... wow!! I really love your inspiration cow and the pig you were demo-ing is fantastic Anita, it looks real! I couldn't possibly pick a favourite but the eyes on Blaze the cat are spookily realistic - totally amazing. I bet you get asked back... soon! xxx

  5. Wowsers - these are AMAZING Anita!! Well done you for taking on such a project, Mrs. McClaine rocks for inviting you (LOVE her pig) and the students sure have done you and themselves PROUD! Your happiness is palpable and I'm so pleased for you. Nicola x

  6. What a great endevour you went on Aniya and did so well. All these kids were inspired to make some great art by you! What a fun days you muct have had,

  7. Oh wow, this looks like a wonderful class, I'd love to take one of your classes!!! I'm envious of everyone in there. All their works of art are just fantastic!

  8. oh girl, there were some talented students in the class and of course a great teacher. what a treat for them. Love them all

  9. Incredible photographs of ALL their works. I was blown away by their talent. They were all amazing, but the cat's eyes....good grief...mesmerizing! What a terrific experience for everyone, sounds like.
    Thanks so much for sharing that :)

  10. What a great class and amazing results, that's a whole lot of talented kids there! Deb xo

  11. Absolutely fabulous works of art Anita...a truly talented bunch of young people...........they are just amazing and of course I love yours too

    Sending you my best wishes and hugs
    Annie xx

  12. This is so YOU, Anita!! What a great sharing your art talent with students who obviously have a love for art as well. This is such a cool thing for you to do and I know the students loved it. I am sure you made it a fun and memorable experience for them. Beautiful work!!

  13. Sounds like you had the happiest time doing this Anita and the results are amazing! So good to see all the different creations from the kids. Chris :-)

  14. These are amazing!!! What a great memory you gave them!!!

  15. Wow these are so cool, Anita! Those kids are so talented! What a great experience for them and you too! Hugs, Sandra

  16. What a challenge and what a thrill to share the work like this. Fabulous results from your first sessions with the school, and I hope there'll be many more to come.
    Alison xx


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