Monday, October 10, 2011

Tim's Cruise Projects

I cannot even explain how exited and anticipation filled I was before every class with Tim. What where we going to create was all the topic with the besties. We were like kids at Christmas! Lori who was a newbie was nervous of course, but caught the "dark side" (that's what Timmy calls it) bug after Tim's welcome to class speech. The first project was just to start to getting our creative juices flowing and familiarize newbies with some technique. Cruise sponsors gave Tim all the free paper and rub-ons to create the drop in sheet that goes inside the cup. It will house my green tea from now on! SO NICE, SO NICE!!!
Project 1: The Cup of Creativity

On all the other past cruises we always made a journal so I had an idea we would make one again, but not this cool! I had never made a gate journal before and always wanted to, so this was perfect. Of course, it is not completed yet, so stay tuned for more pics later. There were tons of freebies for this one!!!
Project 2:  The Artful Journal

At our next class we only had an hour so we knew it would be a quick project. Paula guessed that it would be a watch, since we usually made some sort of jewelry on prior cruises. She was right...sort of. We made a necklace out of a watch case! We even received a big stack of Graphic 45 paper to help us along, as well as many Idea-ology pieces.
Project 3:  Elements of Time

For our last project we had 6 hours over two days to complete, so we knew it would be a biggie. This is the one Tim said to be finding things for that commemorated our trip. We all knew it would be a Configurations Box...but, it wasn't. It was a Configurations Tray with a photo album tied in...something Tim had never taught this was a real treat! Talk about excitement...the whole room was a buzz, and it took awhile for the giddiness to die down.  You cannot even imagine all the free product Tim gave to us. He is "THE MAN" who is SO NICE, SO NICE!!! Please notice the phrase I made using the type cast grunge block letters. So appropriate, don't ya think??? Once again, I am not finished with it...hopefully soon.
Project 4:  Configuration Of Your Imagination


Here is all the free LOOT we received from all Tim's sponsors! WOW!!!



This is what I won at Jim's Farewell Party...Coordinations Tim Holtz Kraft Core Cardstock in Nostalga and a large assortment of flowers by Prima (my fav). A big "Thank You" to all of the sponsors from the cruise!!! I just wanted to add one more thing. Tim did an  awesome cruise video recap of the trip that really brought tears to my eyes. The girls and I are in it soooo many times...I think I counted 7. Check it out! You will see my Charlotte in her Glassine bikini in my Configurations Tray. Oh shucks! Thanks Timmy!!!


  1. Anita,

    So cool!!! I so wish that I'll one day be able to take a cruise with Tim. love, Love, LOVE the blog!!! hugs, Margarita Margie

  2. So cool. It was such a great trip.

  3. LOVE the bikini clad porcelain doll!!

  4. Wow, Anita this is fantastic - just settled down for a read of your older posts. Love the way you put everything together. What an awesome thing to remember your cruise by!


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