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Tim Holtz Stamper’s Anonymous Everyday 2024 - Abstract Florals Mixed Media Cards

Hello Everyone! First, I want to thank those of you for all the comments from last week on the Sizzix makes. I truly appreciate it! Today, I have the first make for the new Tim Holtz Stamper's Anonymous Everyday Release, made with the new Abstract Florals Stamp Set, an absolute favorite set for me! I could stamp and color these flowers all day, and the Color Wheel in the background makes the coloring even more fun. Plus I love the sentiments that can be used for pretty much any card. Enjoy!

To make two 4 x 9” cards, cut Black Kraftstock to 4 x 9” twice. Place both in the large stamping platform and secure with magnets. Arrange the flowers (three per card) from the Abstract Florals Stamp Set onto both papers in the center with plenty of room on the sides open, and close the lid to secure them. Stamp the flowers in Glacier White Pigment Ink from Ranger lightly as you don’t need much to see the outlines. (Note: I used the leaf stamp on both cards, so I stamped one and then the other, and even though I probably won’t get a perfect lined up image on the second stamping, I’m ok with that as it’s just the leaf. Also, reink the Glacier White Pigment Ink pad an hour or more before starting so it’s not too juicy.) Use a heat tool to dry the papers as Glacier White stays wet a little longer than most. Leave the images in the platform for the restamping later on, but go ahead and clean off the white ink taking care not to move them when you do.

Lay one card on the Glass Mat lining it up on the grid lines nice and straight. If you have Sticky Grid Tape, use it underneath or use a rolled up piece of tape to hold it secure. Add the Mini Wheel Layering Stencil up top and center it above the flowers. Use tape to secure the stencil. Add the Labels Layering Stencil below, centering it, and then tape it down. Use a clean Tiny Ink Blending Tool and Foam to ink over the stencils with the Glacier White Ink very lightly, and be pretty careful around the images so you can still see the outlines. The Tiny Ink Blending Tool makes this much easier to do. However, It’s okay to get the ink on the images as you will paint over those, so don’t fret if you do. Also, the darker the white ink, the more brighter the other ink on top, but for this card I wanted the flowers to stand out more, so I only used a lighter inking. Remove this one and do the other the same, then dry both papers with the heat tool. Clean the stencils with water and dry them. 

Since there are two cards, I split the colors of the color wheel in half, six colors of Archival Ink for each card. You can use Distress Ink over the white, but for staying power Archival is best. Gather your colors of Ink for the color wheel part as well as green inks for the bottom. On the one on the left I used Spiced Marmalade, Crackling Campfire, Barn Door, Picked Raspberry, Dusty Concord, and Villainous Potion to ink over the wheel. I pounced on each color in its respective pie piece in the wheel, rather than rubbing to deliver as much color as I could. Also, once I’ve done one inking of each, I go over each again to darken the color. You can do that at any time though and you don’t always have to use the stencil, BECAUSE the Archival Inks will not show up on the Black paper without the white underneath! How cool is that?!! But the stencil still gives me security even though I know that. So don’t fret about the stencil moving and ruining anything, because you can’t. After you do the wheel, ink over the Labels using green inks. I used Rustic Wilderness, Crushed Olive, Evergreen Bough, and Peeled Paint, randomly inking in different tiles every time. For the right paper I used Wild Honey, Fossilized Amber, Crushed Olive, Rustic Wilderness, Evergreen, Bough, and Faded Jeans for the wheel, and the same greens for the Labels. Once finished, dry them both with the heat tool as the ink stays wet a little longer on top of the Glacier White.

Gather the Distress Paints you will use. I used the same colors as the inks… Spiced Marmalade, Crackling Campfire, Barn Door, and Fossilized Amber on one, and Picked Raspberry, Dusty Concord, Villainous Potion, and Fossilized Amber again on the other, with Rustic Wilderness, Peeled Paint, and Twisted Citron (not the same color I’ve used but it’s my go to for leaves) for the stems and leaves. Ranger just came out with new Angled Paint Brushes, and I have to say that I absolutely love them, and they are my new go to for paint. I have no special way to paint in the images, so paint away and do your best to stay in the lines as the images will be restamped again. If you cover up up anything that you are not sure about, just use the images on the actual stamps to figure it (like I did) if you want to add any details like those tiny lines on the flowers. Let these dry awhile before moving on. If you get any paint where you don’t want it, use a black permanent marker to cover it up…I had to. 

Use the Mini Spots Layering Stencil to ink in more Glacier White around the flowers in the center area. Dry with a heat tool. I did this part before the restamping and embossing so I wouldn’t reheat the embossing. Use the stencil again to ink over the white with Speckled Egg and Faded Jeans Archival Inks. Dry.

Place the papers back into the platform exactly as you had them first, and gather your ink and embossing powder to be ready. (Note: I originally was going to do white powder, but I did a trial and it just covered up too much of the painting, and even though I used an anti-static pouch, it really stuck to stuff too much, so I went with clear powder instead.) I decided to go with Fossilized Amber Archival Ink to stamp in to bring out the yellow areas on the paper, and it won’t show on the darker areas to cover any detail, but you can use whatever color you want. Very important to do this…Pounce over the papers with an Anti-Static Pouch really well so powder won’t go where you don’t want. It will dull the black background some, but you can clean it up later. Stamp the images, and then quickly add longer lines on the stems with an Embossing Pen, and then immediately pour Clear Embossing over each, tap it off and use a small brush to remove any powder where ever it shouldn’t be, and then heat emboss. Don’t forget to add the other leaf if you used it again like I did. Use a slightly damp paper towel to clean off any powder from the Anti-Static Pouch to bring the paper back to dark black. Since you used Archival Ink the other images will be fine and no ink should come off.

Stamp the sentiment from the stamp set in Glacier White and heat emboss in Clear Powder. (Some of the ink underneath bled through to my embossing….a first for me, and I don’t know why.) Cut, score, and fold base cards to 4 x 9” from Kraft Cardstock, and ink the edges in Gathered Twigs Distress Ink.  Mount White Heavystock or cardstock to this, about 3 7/8 x 8 7/8”. Use a Deckle Trimmer to trim down the flower paper to about 3.75 x 8.75”, ink the edges in Gathered Twigs, and mount to the front of the card. Use a white pen to outline the flower and leaves. 

(Paper Trimmer, Two Sided Tape, Large Stamp Platform, Heat Tool, Tape, Tiny Ink Blending Tool, Small Paint Brush (Angeled), Anti-Static Pouch)
-Tim Holtz Idea-ology: Black Kraftstock
-Stamper’s Anonymous Tim Holtz Stamp Set: Abstract Florals
-Ranger Pigment Ink: Glacier White
-Stamper’s Anonymous Tim Holtz Layering Stencil: Labels, Mini Wheel (Set 59), Mini Spots (Set 59)
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Archival Ink: Wild Honey, Fossilized Amber, Crushed Olive, Rustic Wilderness, Evergreen, Bough, Faded Jeans, Spiced Marmalade, Crackling Campfire, Barn Door, Picked Raspberry, Dusty Concord, Villainous Potion, Peeled Paint, Speckled Egg
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Paint: Spiced Marmalade, Crackling Campfire, Barn Door, Fossilized Amber, Picked Raspberry, Dusty Concord, Villainous Potion, Rustic Wilderness, Peeled Paint, Twisted Citron
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Pen
-Ranger Embossing Powder: Clear                                                                   
-Ranger Surfaces: Kraft Cardstock
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Heavystock: White
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Gathered Twigs
-White Pen

Thank you so very much for stopping by, and again thank you for all the comments and support. I appreciate you all very much. I'll be back again soonish. Until then, I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. Absolutely stunning design and artwork Anita! ❤️‍๐Ÿ”ฅ❤️❤️‍๐Ÿ”ฅ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

  2. Thank you for sharing your work! I love the idea of the white pen for outlining the flowers.


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