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Tim Holtz Distress Foundry Wax What I Want Framed Swinging Paper Doll Panel

Hello Everyone! Did you see that Tim Holtz came out with a brand new product from Ranger called Distress Foundry Wax?!! Oh my word, it is fabulous stuff! It's yummy pearly liquid at first and then turns creamy, but then you heat it up and it turns permanent, hard, and leafy metallic. There is nothing like it. It comes in four metallic finishes, Gilded, Sterling, Statue, and Mined. I can see myself using it on everything, even furniture. I had a wonderful time making this framed panel with the swinging girl on it with the wax. I used it to stencil, paint, and's so versatile.  This would be the kind of project I'd teach in a class, but that is not happening yet, so you get the whole tutorial. It's super lengthy though, so grab a snack. Enjoy.
Taking one of the Collage Frames, paint over it using Picket Fence Distress Paint, making sure to cover up the gold border lines. I didn't like covering those up, but I didn't think the lines would look good with my overall design. Let dry, and repaint if need be to cover up the lines.
Lay the largest Harlequin Shifter Stencil from Stamper's Anonymous over the frame and while holding if firmly ink over it using Black Soot Distress Archival Ink using an Ink Blending Tool. Carefully remove it, and dry the ink. Clean the stencil of any wet ink, and move it over to ink in more of the matching diamonds, repeating until the whole frame is covered. It will take about four passes to complete the pattern. Clean the stencil with 91% rubbing alcohol to remove any black ink for the next part, and dry the frame.
Lay the stencil back over the black diamonds and slide it to the right covering up perfectly all the black diamonds so that they are now covered up by the solid diamonds on the stencil. Ink over these diamonds with Vintage Photo Distress Archival Ink. Do the same as before, removing the stencil and drying the frame and cleaning the wet ink off before continuing the pattern in Vintage Photo. 
Lay the clean stencil over the frame so that now the black and brown diamonds are covered up and the open diamond is between a group of black and brown diamonds. Ink in these diamonds with first Spun Sugar Distress Ink. Since there is no Spun Sugar Archival Ink yet which is permanent, reink over these pink diamonds very lightly with Kitsch Flamingo Distress Archival Ink. This ink will help hold the regular Distress Ink in place, just don't ink in too dark as you want a light pink to match somewhat with the Worn Wallpaper background that will come later. I know this sounds confusing and probably unnecessary, but you want the ink to stay permanent so none rubs off during the next parts of the project. Complete the pattern as you did before, drying and cleaning the stencil until the frame is complete with pink diamonds in the middle of the black and brown. 
 Lay the clean stencil over the black diamonds so that the brown and pink are covered up. Rigorously shake the Sterling Foundry Wax so you can hear the mixing ball move. Squirt out about a dime sized amount of the Sterling onto the silicon mat, and then close the lid on the wax so it doesn't get air in it to dry it up. Using your finger, rub the Sterling Foundry Wax over the open diamonds on top of the black diamonds, just in the center so that there will still be a border of black ink around the diamond. You don't need much wax for each diamond so start light until you get the feel for how much you need to cover the centers of each diamond, and reshake bottle each time you want more, remembering to recap. Again, remove the stencil, wipe it off, and then lay it back down adding more Sterling to the black diamonds until all are covered in the center, being careful not to smudge any of the already waxed diamonds. Heat set the Sterling Foundry Wax with a heat tool, making sure the bottle is not close by so you won't dry it up. The wax sets very quickly so just watch until the wax turns shiny. The thicker you add the wax the more shiny and metallic the wax like silver leafing, so if you want it shinier add more on top until you get the look you want. Clean your stencil and finger when finished for the next part. The wax comes off with soap and water or even the rubbing alcohol. 
Place the stencil back on leaving the brown diamonds open. This time add the Gilded Foundry Wax to the centers of the brown diamonds using your finger as before, and repeating and cleaning, and then finally heat setting the wax. 
Using an Ink Blending Tool, ink the edges of the inside and outside of the frames with Black Soot Archival. Set aside to dry. Take the two Vignette Accents as shown or whatever you want that is metal, shake the Gilded Foundry Wax, add a drop to the mat and rub the wax over the raised portions of the designs in the metal, then heat set using a tweezers to help as the metal gets real hot and you don't want to burn yourself. When the metal pieces are cool to the touch, apply Collage Medium to the backs of them and adhere the smallest one to the top of the open window on the frame letting it hang down a bit (matching the leaves on the metal to the curve on the frame window), and adhere the larger piece to the bottom edge of the window frame. Let dry. 
Taking two Swivel Clasps in whatever finish you want (I used silver for all of mine), use pliers to help you remove the chain from the clasp by opening up the jumprings connecting them. You will not need the clasp so you can put those up. Get a Label Pull, four Chain Tassels, and two large jumprings as well. I thought I might need four jumprings, but I only ended up needing two. Attach the large jumprings to either end of the chains. Take the Label Pull and working on a solid surface or hammer mat, use pliers and or the hammer to slightly bend the bottom portion of the pull to make it a little flatter. The upper thin piece (or bar) will stay rounded and that is fine as you want it to look like one of those swings that looks like a seat with the protective bar sliding down to your lap to hold you in, like when you were a child...remember those?!! Just make sure that bottom wide lip (formerly the pull) is as flat as you can get it without messing up the shape of the top bar. Shake the Gilded Foundry Wax again and add some to the mat, and then apply it over all the metal pieces. Don't worry about getting into any cracks as you want the duo tone metal look. Once all the metal pieces are covered, heat set them using tweezers to hold them as they get hot. 
Make sure the metal pieces that are adhered on the frame are firmly adhered. Take a craft pick and poke a hole in the center of the frame when the rolling scrolls are on the top metal piece. Make the hole big enough for the jumprings to slide in. Open the large jumpring that is connected to the chain using pliers and slide the jumpring into the hole. Add the tassel to the front part of the jumpring and then close the jumpring back with the pliers. Do the other side as well so that you now have two chains with tassels hanging down from the top metal piece. 
It's easier to do the next part if the frame is standing up, so prop it up against something, and let the chains hand down naturally. Open up the bottom jumpring at the end of the chain, and place the Label Pull (now swing seat) hole in the ring and add a tassel to the front of the pull. Close the jumpring with pliers, and then do the other side the same. It should now look like a 'swanky' swing (basically) hanging from the metal piece on the frame.  
Get the Paper Doll from the Solos pack that look like she is holding on to a swing, and cut down between the sleeve between her hand and arm on the right side (her left arm) all the way to the end of her cuff. This is so the chain can go behind it and look more natural like she is holding the chain. Ink the edges of her with Vintage Photo Archival and an Ink Blending Tool, and rubbing off any ink that is a little thick on the top of only want the white edge covered up. Take a Spun Sugar Distress Crayon and apply some to the silicon mat, and pick it up with a detail water brush. Color in the girls shirt and the ribbon on the hat. You can also add some color to her cheeks. Dry with a heat tool slightly. Shake the Gilded Foundry Wax and apply to the mat. This time pick up a tiny bit of wax with a small paintbrush and add a little to the girl's necklace, add dots to the ears for earrings, and add dots to the ribbon on the right side of the hat like a metal embellishment is on there. Paint in the bow on her waist as well. Heat set the wax. Clean the brush with alcohol or warm water and soap. 
Lay the frame down flat and fix the swing so that it is laying flat with all the tassels out of the way. Add a small strip of two sided tape to the seat of the swing. Take the Paper Doll and slide her hat first between the bar and seat, turning her so her arm right arm goes in next and then her left, up to her waist. Remove the tape backing and secure her down on the seat so it looks like she is sitting in it naturally. 
Lay the left chain over her arm (her right arm) and add Collage Medium under the chain to secure her arm. Take the right chain and slide it between that cut that you made so that it looks like her left hand is holding onto the chain. Add Collage Medium to her hand and secure it to the chain. I place a few slightly heavy objects on her arms to make sure I got good adhesion for a few minutes. While she is drying, paint the edges and sides of a panel from the Framed Panel set (you won't use the frame part) using Black Soot Distress Paint. You don't need to do the middle as it will be covered up. When her arm and hand are dry and secured, you can add Collage Medium to her boot and secure to the bottom metal piece or you can leave her alone to swing freely. I went ahead and adhered mine just to be safe. 
Take the light pink flowery wallpaper piece from the Worn Wallpaper set, corner round all four corners. Adhere it on to the center of the panel with two sided tape. I show foam tape in the picture, but it's not time for that yet...I jumped ahead so pretend that is not there. Add more Spun Sugar Distress Crayon to the mat and pick up with the waterbrush. Paint in the little four petal flowers between the circle scrolls to bring in some cohesion of pink colors from the harlequin frame. You don't have to do them all as the borders will be covered up. Shake the Gilded Foundry Wax, and use the paintbrush to paint in the centers of those four petal flowers and the centers of the large white flowers in the middle of the circle scrolls. Heat set the Gilded. This wallpaper now really pops! 
Using Washi Tape for masking really helps on this next part or you can free hand it. Shake the Gilded and add to the mat. Use your finger or a brush and apply it to the sides of the panel and about 1/4 inch in on the borders. If you use the washi, you can peel it off and heat set the wax. The more you apply the more brilliant the gold. I did a side at a time instead of doing all four and heat setting as that was easier for me. NOTE: In the picture you see that I added the foam tape to the borders of wall paper, as I thought I was ready to add the frame to the panel and finish up. BUT...I went to sleep not liking the starkness of that black border, so the next day I added stuff to it as you will see in the next photo. would have been MUCH EASIER to do that step before the foam tape and frame addition as I had to cut my stencil to achieve what I wanted. So IF YOU want to add the small harlequin pattern to the black part, do step 16 now instead of after you add the frame to the panel. If you don't want the harlequin pattern, then add foam tape to the border and add the frame on top. ALSO...Select a quote from the Snarky Small Talk Stickers and trim it down and ink the edges in Black Soot Archival after you cut it apart. 
This should have been done before the foam tape and frame addition, but I needed a sleep to dream about I guess. Take the smallest pattern of Harlequin Shifters, and lay it over the black area of the panel. Use washi tape again to mask over the gold border and pink wallpaper to help you not make a mess if needed. Use your finger to apply Collage Medium over two rows of the diamonds along the sides of the panel and a half a diamond border on the top and bottom. I just felt like the black area needed a little something so the hint of tiny harlequin diamonds was perfect for a little something. The Collage Medium dries super quick too. Remove the washi. NOW add the foam tape to the borders of the wallpaper and add the frame with the swinger on top. Add the quote to the bottom middle of the frame. Add a large silver Metallic Droplet to each corner of the frame. And because I still thought the panel needed something, I added more Gilded to two bows from the Ribbons Bows Adornments, and a small butterfly, and two corners from the Vignette Accents. Feel free to be finished if you don't want more metal added, but I like lots. The two metal bows go on the top corners with tiny silver droplets on each end of the bows, and the two corner pieces on the bottom corners with droplets on each side. The butterfly goes on the bottom right next to the quote. Finally finished and I finally liked it!!!

(Ink Blending Tool, Glass Mat, 91% Rubbing Alcohol, Heat Tool, Small Paint Brush, Craft Tweezers, Craft Hammer, Pliers, Craft Pick, Scissors, Two Sided Tape, Corner Rounder, Detail Water Brush, Washi Tape for Masking, Foam Tape) 
-Tim Holtz Idea-ology: Collage Frames, Vignette Accents, Label Pull, Swivel Clasps, Jumprings, Chain Tassels, Solos Paper Dolls, Worn Wallpaper, Framed Panel, Small Talk Snarky, Ribbons and Bows Adornments, Butterfly Adornments, Metallic Droplets 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Paint: Picket Fence, Black Soot 
-Stamper's Anonymous Tim Holtz Layering Stencil: Large and Small Multi Harlequin Shifter 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Archival Ink: Black Soot, Vintage Photo, Kitsch Flamingo 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Spun Sugar
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Foundry Wax: Gilded, Sterling 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Collage Medium: Matte 
-Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Crayon: Spun Sugar
Isn't the Foundry Wax just wonderful?!! I will be using it A LOT. Hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did making it. Thank you truly for stopping by. Until next time, I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!


  1. Love this project Anita! So adorable! HUGS!!

  2. What a clever, crazy good idea it was to have the Paper Doll "swinging" on the the wax on all the metal...

  3. Love the swing! Really terrific piece


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