Wednesday, September 26, 2018

New Holiday Collection Stamps - September

Happy Autumn everyone!!! It's my favorite Season for sure, and I'm so glad it is finally here, and the days have cooled off. Today, I have September samples from my last set in the Holiday Collection Stamp Series from WeCraft. It also happens to be my favorite set, and I had such fun drawing these, and as with anything, practice makes you better and better. A big thank you to everyone for supporting me with all 12 of these sets, my cup surely runneth over. I'm not sure what's next for me, but with the holidays right around the corner, I'm gearing up for lots of projects. Enjoy!
September Set - 8 Images
I decided to break out the Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Lift Pad from Ranger for these, and while I still need to practice up on that technique, I like how they came out.
Although it's hard to tell, I made a plaid basket weave background with Alcohol Inks on this one, and then lifted off the ink with the poppies. A stamp platform helps in doing this, as the Lift makes things and learn for me. I covered up the Lifted sentiment, as it really was not clear, and decided to stamp one in Archival instead. Then after matting, velvet ribbon finished it off.
I stamped the Lifted poppies and sentiment onto Mixed Media Cardstock. I love the variegated tones on them. Just is just something about poppies and sympathy for me, and I think they go well together. I matted and sewed onto a kraft tag and added more velvet ribbon.

The Lift is so addicting, and so I carried on. This time I tried to go for a toile look, and I stamp Lifted the images all around creating a pattern, on heavily Alcohol Inked Yupo with Autumn tones. I had several of the sunflowers given to me at a conference, and used gold paint on some of the back petals, and added micro beads to the center. More velvet ribbon finished it off using Long Fasteners to secure it.

I stamped the Lifted images from the above card on muslin fabric to really create a toile look. The fabric didn't allow for crisp images using the Alcohol Ink, but I still liked the subtle look, and decided to keep going with it, and quilted the square. It looks so much better in person. I stamped the wreath and sentiment onto Mixed Media Cardstock with different tones of Archival Ink from Wendy Vecchi and Ranger, and added leaf punches from Tim and Sizzix using Shattered Cardstock, and added string as well as more velvet ribbon. I LOVE how this turned out.

I made these just so you can see the detail in the images much better. I stamped them all with Archival Ink. I am really proud of this set...or maybe just because they are for Fall.

That's it for today. I'm off to teach at the Crafty Scrapper this weekend, and then it's a holiday crafting frenzie. Thanks again everyone! Until next time.

I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

New Holiday Collection Stamps - August

Hello All! Life's been crazy getting kids off to school and college, and I've been sick for about a month...ugh...but August is almost over and I had to get these samples out to you from my new Holiday Collection Stamp Series for August, from WeCraft. Hopefully, life will get back to a more regular crafting schedule! Hope you enjoy.
August Set - 8 Images
For this Back to School card (Great for teachers and students, or a school days album cover!), I made the background using a Wendy Vecchi technique with her new Blendable Dye Inks from Ranger and Square Grate Stencil from Stamper's Anonymous.
To made the plaid background, I laid the stencil over my surface (a tag), and using three colors of ink (lightest to darkest since these blend so well together) I inked in the first color Sunflower. Then I moved the stencil up a half square away and inked in with Red Geranium. Then I moved the stencil one more time over to the right one square, and in the middle of where the other two colors meet (Make sense?) and inked in Acorn. It's such a cool technique and the possibilities are endless on plaid combinations as you will see more below.
To make the chalk board look on the Handwriting Alphabet Stamp, I inked over the tag with Fern Green, then over that Bluebird, and finally Sunflower over that. Then, I lightly went over that with Picket Fence Distress Paint from Tim Holtz, and smudged it in...perfect old chalkboard look!!! I had the cute paperclips in my stash purchased in London, and gave them a gold painting. The ruler is from a Tim Holtz Paper Stash and his Design Tape in Elementary (LOVE this a Big Chief Pad!).
For this Pet Card (perfect for new pet owners, giving a pet gift to someone, sending money to a pet foundation, and as a sympathy card for a pet owner), I used the same background technique in another three colors of ink.
I used Bluebird, Red Geranium, and Fern Green, but this time I covered a whole piece of paper to see if I could continue the pattern...YES, you can! It's making a whole masterboard for several projects!
The other images on the set are for birthdays, so I made a more masculine and a feminine birthday tag using the images, and of course more plaid backgrounds. I cut them images out and foam taped them in place with Ranger's new Clear Foam Tape (LOVE THIS STUFF!!!).
I used Watering Can, Bluebird, and Fern Green on the masculine one.
For the feminine one, I decided to go more monochromatic and do like a buffalo check. I started with Watering Can first, very lightly, then Watering Can again heavier though, and finished with Jet Black Archival since Wendy doesn't have a black yet. I LOVED this one.
I'll be back soon with my final stamp set in the series, September. Until then, thank you so much for stopping by, and for supporting my new stamps! Hugs!

I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


No pics or tutorial today, just an aha moment! Okay, talk about feeling stupid!!! Long story short...a friend of mine said she left me a comment yesterday. I thought that was strange as I haven't had any comments on my blog since May. I chalked it up to everybody is finally sick of me, but after no comments in June and July, my self worth was starting to come into play. With so many social media outlets now, I figured people were just using Instragram to comment as it's so popular now, and since its inception my blog comments have been low anyway. Well...I went into my settings, and everything was the same, as I have comments sent to my email for moderation to keep the spam away, but under comments in the design section there was an unpublished comment button. I click it, and low and behold a zillion comments awaiting moderation since 2014, and several since May. Albeit, 95% were spam, but also my regulars awaiting to be published. Talk about feeling special instantly!!! ;0) I guess with the new European laws, (hope I have complied correctly) blogger has changed it up, and me not being or looking for the KNOW just didn't know it. This got me to thinking some of you might be in the same boat, as I've commented on several days old posts on some of you, and it read you had no comments either which I found strange. So if that is you, go to your unpublished comments and see.  Anyway, food for thought, and of course a big THANK YOU to those who still comment on blogs. I am so bad about it in the summer months, but I'll be around I promise! Hugs everyone!!!

I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

New Holiday Collection Stamps - July Cont.

Hi everyone! Here are some more samples from my Artful Maven Holiday Collection Stamp Series for July from WeCraft. These were super simple to make and fast too! The first two were just paper piercing and inking, using the Tim Holtz Paper Stash Motif Resist and Distress Ink. I just inked over the resist images, wiped off the ink from the resist, tore the paper, and layered it together. All stamping was done in Jet Black Archival from Ranger. The last set are just drops of Alcohol Ink onto Translucent Yupo Paper, and then the butterflies were stamped on...that's it.

Hope you like, and enjoy the rest of your July!!! 

I hope your hands get creatively dirty soon!